Fundraising Tips That Will Get More Money For Your Cause

by : leedobbins

A lot of celebrities, non-profit and non-governmental organizations work in different fund raising events every year. This could be to get more money for AIDS research, food for impoverished nations and victims of national calamities.

This type of fundraiser doesn't go from house to house in the event that the homeowner will give a fat check. It takes a gimmick and a bit of marketing to get people to participate and have some fun. Here are some tips that will be help make the project successful.

1. There are a lot of causes to work for and the individual must first figure out which one to join. These organizations need people to work in the field and in the office. If the person likes talking to big time bosses, then it will be great to work in the marketing department.

2. The organizers must come up with an idea that will attract a lot of people to attend. In 1984, the song " Do They Know Its Christmas Time? was released and raised millions for those starving in Africa. To make the 20th anniversary of this event, Bono and some celebrities did a rendition to continue these efforts.

3. Manpower is the biggest challenge in any fundraiser. If the number of people needed exceeds the budget, the individual must find an organizer to tie up with.

The World Health Organization or the United Nations Development Program will be great if the project will to fight starvation. Should this be about AIDS, it will be good to work with a pharmaceutical firm that invests a lot of time and money on research.

Those who have little or no experience can learn a lot by working with these firms. This is because the guidelines that have been set in place by the people who work there have proven to be effective which can help make the project successful.

Another way to get additional manpower without putting a strain on the budget will be to ask for volunteers. There are those who will gladly help without even getting paid because these people believe in the cause. These individuals must then be given certain responsibilities so that everything will be ready days before the event.

4. It is difficult to visit every company to make a sales pitch. One of the best ways will be to start with a letter campaign to get firms to commit to the cause. Letting a messenger drop it off or sending an email through the Internet can do this.

The person should not feel bad in getting some rejection letters because this will happen. There will be some that also will just contribute less than $1,000. Regardless of the amount, this all adds up which will eventually go to those who need it badly.

5. Advertising is another important key in making the event a success. The person must make up flyers, put up posters, make a commercial for radio and television so people will be aware of the fundraiser.

Part of the division of labor includes having someone follow up with the sponsorships and printing of the ads. It is important for that person to be sure the company logos are correct when these come from the printers before it is put up.

6. Some celebrities will gladly support and endorse the cause. It will be a good idea to talk to the talent managers or the actors and actresses directly especially if this individual is a staunch supporter of the project.

7. The event should be safe for everyone. One of the organizers must coordinate with the police and local authorities to make sure the route or the venue is secure. Volunteers will also act as marshals that will assist participants in the entrance or exits or along the racecourse.

Hours before the event, the person in charge that everything is ready and set in place. This means visiting everything and being ready to work on some things that need some improvements.

The success of the event will only be known after everyone leaves and a sizable amount has been achieved. There might be some mistakes but this can be improved later on when another project takes place.