Discovering The Chase Platinum Visa Business Card

by : homebusinessreview

One of the most recognized names in the credit card business now offers several options for the small business owner. The Visa Company includes several choices for small business owners who have recognized all the advantages that having a business credit card can offer. Consolidate all of your spending for both you and your employees under one convenient, easily accessible card. Have credit available for those times when you need to make a major purchase to help your business grow but are unwilling to dip into your company bank account to fund it. Or, use the Chase Platinum Visa Business Card for those weekly and monthly purchases that your business always needs, such as transportation costs and office supplies.

The Chase Platinum Visa Business Card offers an attractive introductory period of one year. During these twelve months, there is absolutely no APR charged towards your purchases. If you have outstanding debts on other cards that are charging a high APR, take advantage of the introductory period's 0% APR on balance transfers and consolidate your debts into one easily manageable account. Of course, this attractive offer is contingent upon the cardholder adhering to all the policies of that this means of gaining valuable credit set out. After the end of the introductory period, APR is determined upon review of the cardholder's credit history and a review of the original application. APR can be 12.24%, 16.24%, or 23.24% variables depending on this information. There is never any annual fee required from holders of this special business card, during the introductory period or after the period expires.

When it comes to managing your account, the Chase Platinum Visa Business Card takes your valuable time seriously. You can take advantage of the convenience of the Internet by utilizing the free online quarterly reports made securely available in order to help you monitor your company spending. There are also representatives from the Visa Company available 24 hours a day, in case you find yourself in need of emergency services such as replacement cards or hotel check-in.

Finally, your enrolment in the Chase Platinum Visa Business Card program allows you full access to all of the services offered within the Visa card community. Take advantage of standard offers such as the 20 day grace period. As well, holders of a Chase Platinum Business Card can receive incredible discounts of up to 20% as part of the Visa Business Partner community. These savings apply on a wide range of items, from office supplies to computer equipment.

A Chase Platinum Visa Business Card is available to you in a quick, secure, and easy fashion. Simply fill out the online forms and quickly receive notice if you have been approved. This card offers standard interest rates on most transactions, including 3% on transactions which involve currency exchange and cash advances. There are also fees charged on late payments, over-the-limit credit, and high default APR rates. There is also a $1 minimum financing fee.