Things You Should Keep in Mind For Market Research

by : hunter

Market research can be very complicated if you are not sure what you have to do. If you want to do market research you can hire someone to help you but it is cheaper and easier to do it on your won. However, if you are doing your own market research there are some things that you should keep in mind.

To start with, you should always remember that the information you collect will only be as good as your market research sample. You should always be careful when choosing your research sample. Your research sample must meet two basic criteria; it has to be relevant to and representative of the entire target population. This is the only way that it will truly reflect what you want it to. When you are doing your own market research it is always a good idea to choose an area of people to question that you do not know. All too often when the interviewer knows the people being questioned some form of bias may find its way into the results. If this happens then the results are not valid and reliable.

You should always design your market research questionnaire carefully. You questions should focus specifically on what you want to know. Be careful that your questions are not too personal because some people do not want to answer questions that involve money earned and money spent. They are more willing to ask general type questions. If you offend the people in some way they will not be willing to fill out the questionnaire at all.

The market research questionnaire should be kept short and to the point. People become bored and restless if they are asked to fill out pages and pages of questions. If at all possible then you should always try to keep your questionnaire to about one page or a little more.

The most important thing when conducting some form of market research is that you have excellent skills for recording information. Before you start doing your market research then you should always practice and refine your recording skills. You could look at how others have collected and recorded information, or you could do some practice samples on friends and family.