Catalog Cost Saving Tips

by : print_place01

Although having a limited budget means you can’t have all the perks to make your catalog printing project the best in your field, there are things you can do to reduce your time and save on your costs. And it doesn’t mean doing your catalog printing yourself like designing your own catalog printing design or reproducing your prints yourself. You can do something to lessen the time it takes your hired catalog printing designer to finish your layouts.

To save on costs on your catalog printing design, here are a few tips to consider:

Provide all the information you have on your products to your catalog printing designer.

Each of your photos in your catalog printing project has its own product copy block that goes with it. The product copy block is usually made up of the description, product block title, product number, item name and price. You can help your catalog printing designer save much time if you’ll be able to supply them all the information they would need to complete the catalog printing copy block. You just need to be consistent with your content and keep your elements in order.

Provide an organized grouping of the product blocks for your catalog printing project.

In addition to providing your catalog printing designer with all the information for each of the products, you should also make sure that everything is within their own category and groupings. If your catalog printing designer would still have to sort out from the amount of information you’ve given them, it would really make them take more time which should be used to start designing your catalog printing project already.

It would also be convenient for your catalog printing designer if you can tell them how much space you would want each of your product groupings to have.

Provide your catalog printing designer with image files complete with details for quick reference.

You’re giving your catalog printing designer the images of your products, so why not go all the way and provide a reference of what file goes with what product copy.

Then go even further and give all the supporting details and copies. This additional information would form part of your sales pitch in your catalog printing project.

Finally, provide your catalog printing designer with only the images, files, and information you would want included in your catalog printing project. Don’t make it harder for them to sort out from all the information you have. It would definitely add to the time it takes for your catalog printing designer to start designing and finish quick.