Top Five Promotional Conference Folders

by : parkin

Conferences and seminars are excellent opportunities to promote your company and your ideas, but they call for far different strategies than the more typical trade show. If you’re looking for promotional products for an upcoming conference where you are presenting, you might consider one of the top five promotional conference giveaways.

Promotional Conference Folders
Promotional conference folders are not your typical promotional gift. Unlike most giveaways, promotional conference folders are meant to be useful AT the conference. The fact that they go home with your audience/attendees is an added bonus. When you choose high quality promotional conference folders to hold your presentation materials, you’ll be making a great first impression on anyone who attends your presentation. Your materials will be organized, easy to handle and attractive – and your attendees get to take home an extremely useful and stylish promotional product with your company name on it. It’s an excellent and strategic use of your promotional budget.

Conference Folder/Bags
Like conference folders, promotional conference bags have a use beyond the actual conference. Conference bags are meant to hold all the informational materials and promotional gifts given to attendees at an industry conference. One of the latest trends is to combine the two in a promotional conference folder/bag. Smaller than a traditional conference bag but roomier than a conference folder, promotional conference folder/bags offer the best of both worlds. Handy, easy to carry and stylish, they’ll be used long beyond the conference and spread your promotional message far and wide.

Ring Binder Promotional Conference Folders
Most conference folders are designed to hold a single notepad, but sometimes your attendees will pick up handouts from around the conference and want to add in their own materials to their informational literature. Promotional conference folders with ring binders are a great solution for a presentation where handouts are given throughout the day. They give added value to the conference folders that you hand out.

Elite Luxury Promotional Conference Folders
The highest ranges of promotional conference folders make an elite statement. While their purpose is the same as other promotional folders, their materials and styling are subtly and discreetly more elegant. They may be available and more colors and color combinations to match your company colors or those chosen for your conference. Typical colors include black, pewter, brown and navy with accents in gold, silver, pewter, red and blue. These luxury leather conference folders will make quite an impression on your conference attendees, or be ideal for stockholder or board of director meetings and presentations where image is everything.

Economy Range Promotional Conference Folders
Economy class doesn’t need to mean cheap. There are a wide variety of economical choices in promotional conference folders that don’t look or feel “cheap". If you need to stretch your promotional budget, you can choose from PU, PVC or leather-look koskin promotional conference folders. Choose conference folders that have multiple interior pockets to increase their utility, and add a good quality promotional pen to customize the folders just a bit more.

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