Building A Strong Foundation

by : viper58

Important principles for building a strong company foundation include: taking responsibility, being early, understanding others first and taking on the concept that you are continually in training and development.

Take Responsibility

We approach the world as elements of cause rather than victims of circumstance. We take 100% responsibility for relationships and for the work we are doing for customers.

Communication from the customer and the support of our co-workers are essential elements in the process of delighting customers. Our approach is one that is based upon taking 100% responsibility for seeing that our co-workers have all the information they need in order to produce the project according to the customer expectations. To anyone working with the project, they need to take complete responsibility for understanding the project completely.

If anyone missed anything, we are going to discover it and find out what we need to know. We take complete responsibility for the quality of our relationships with our co-workers, vendors and customers. This may mean apologizing and admitting fault. It may mean being gracious when others have to apologize or admit fault to us.

Be Early

We want to be early with projects. Be early to meetings. Be early to work. Remember, when you are early, you never have to apologize!

Understand Others First and Then Make Sure That We Are Understood

When confronting problems, we work to create win-wins. If you are going to create a win-win, you must not only know what you want to accomplish and what your objectives and desires are, but you must also know the other goals and objectives of the other person so you can incorporate these into the solution.

By having all this information, you can create a solution that is better than one that you would have thought of on your own. We tend to automatically latch on to the first solution we see, but there may be other possibilities that are only accessible by understanding the other person. Also, understanding the other person involves giving them generous interpretation. Viewing them as a selfish person whose only concern is with their own issues usually tends to be too stingy. We need to acknowledge that our co-workers are just as committed as we are to the success of our company and they want to delight our customers as much as we do.

Often times when we do not see eye-to-eye, it is this exact same commitment that is in the background pricing the intensity of the discussion. Said another way, we all care deeply about the customer and the success of this company. We need to understand that what people have to say is truly coming from their commitment.

We Are in Training and Development

We should be proud of what we have accomplished and what we do accomplish on a daily basis. But we should never be satisfied with that. There is always room for improvement. We should view the work that we do every day not simply as completing tasks, but as the laboratory for ongoing training and development of ourselves as individuals and as a team.