How to Streamline Your Phone Communication

by : johnkhu

Relationships are essential for success in any field. Your phone communication plays a vital role in building effective relationships. Most people create a mental picture of the person with whom they are talking over the phone. Quite often these people judge a person by the mental picture they have created. To streamline your communication, it is necessary for you to create a good impression over the phone.

Captivating people and winning them over the phone needs practice. You need to demonstrate your worth, ability and personality. There are striking differences between personal calls and business calls. You also need to learn the art of delivering unpleasant message without breaking your relationship.

Your voice is of great importance in phone communication. Several studies have pointed out that listeners create an opinion based on the voice. The voice should be clear and should never waver. Your lack of confidence can be reflected in your voice. Try to avoid this especially in business calls. Always be confident while making calls. Do not make calls when you are emotionally disturbed. To effectively streamline your communication, you also need to practice voice modulation.

Answer a call at the earliest. People do not wait much longer. You should be able to answer the phone by the third ring. Greeting over the phone plays a crucial role in building a good impression. Plan your phone greeting in advance. Use a short greeting.

Be careful of what you say over the phone. Before making serious phone calls, it is good to jot down the points in a paper. This will give an order to your phone call and you will also not forget vital points. Never deviate from subject matter, especially in business calls. Stop, when you have delivered your message. Unnecessary lingering will do more harm than good. Phone calls can become legal evidence, so be careful with the words you use in business calls.

How you present a message over the phone is of great importance in streamlining your communication. There will occasions when you have to deliver unpleasant messages. Nobody likes unpleasant message and it can offend your customer or client. In such situations, use hints to make the listener understand the unpleasant message. Always try to convey such messages indirectly.

Be a good listener. Never interrupt between conversations. Always answer to the point that the other person has raised. Write down complicated spellings. Give a feeling that you are seriously listening.

Phone communication is of great importance in our fast paced world. To streamline your communication, a professional approach is needed. Through effective conversation turn all your calls into new opportunities.