Christmas Party Cruise

by : sydneyharbourcruise

If Christmas is not far away, you're sure to be thinking of enjoying a white Christmas, filled with white, soft sand and a shiny, white cruise liner. If you want a restful and different kind of Christmas celebration, then perhaps a Christmas party cruise is a good bet.

But hurry, because holiday cruises are the first to be sold out, so if you're sure you want this special holiday, get on to a good Christmas party cruise organizer and you're your holiday.

Here, you can get into the spirit of Christmas by enjoying the festive d├ęcor in all the public rooms. Plus, the cruise liner will also have fun and games for the entire family, kids included, to set the tone of the holiday spirit.

For instance, holiday music is so essential for everyone to have a good time. You can enjoy it in all the cabins and in the live entertainment areas. Your Christmas party cruise might also have special programs for kids, with themed crafts and a Christmas show for all kids to participate in. Apart from singing, dancing is also a popular activity for kids. The Christmas programs ends with gifts from Santa and a photo session with him.

Perhaps the Christmas party cruise you choose places a gift for in the stateroom. They might also have fun parades for kids and a model gingerbread house. All adults will have themed parties to celebrate the event with champagne toasts and all the season's trimmings.

Another feature some ships include is to have a Rabbi on board and to complete the picture, you will be served kosher wine and potato pancakes, while kids will enjoy themselves making Christmas decorations for the trees.

There are so many Christmas party cruise organizers that on some you might also be witness to the ship's captain hosting a Christmas tree lighting ceremony and you might even partake in singing carols and eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate. Kids are given many gifts from Santa on some of the better liners and continue to enjoy the Christmas mood by celebrating Boxing Day too.

And on American liners, the Christmas party cruise begins at the terminal where you see Disney characters all dressed up for Christmas. They greet you as you board the ship. On these ships, you will find a tree, three decks high with magic snow falls on it during the tree lighting ceremony. And there's a lot of caroling by the crew and activities ranging from decorating the many gingerbread houses to falling prey to Goofy's surprise visits to the kids. Santa makes a special appearance too, much to everyone's delight.

And if you just want to relax without doing too much, why not settle down to seeing a few movies, or enjoy a Christmas show put up by the crew on Christmas Eve or get yourself ready for Santa's visit-who knows, he might even come to you parasailing!

However he may arrive, laden with gifts, this holiday is the season's best gift you could give yourself-a Christmas party cruise.