Learn How To Give Your Cat Medication

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Learn how to safely and easily give your cat tablets or liquid medication. Cats are quick, and can easily slip away from you, and hide. Try various methods, until you find one that works for you and depending on the size of your cat.

Step 1:
Prepare the medicine you have to administer and place on top of a paper towel, on the top of the kitchen counter so that you can grab it quickly as soon as the cat's mouth opens.You will need:
1.Tablets or liquid medication
2. A towel

Step 2:
Adding medication to food. Check the instructions to see whether you can add your cat's medication to her food. Mix it into a small quantity of wet food and give it to your cat when she is hungry so all the food is eaten.

Step 3:
Hold your cat securely. Place the cat on a table or in your lap and drape your arm across her body to keep her steady. You may need to wrap her in a towel to stop her scratching. Keep your body or a wall behind your cat to stop her moving backwards.Cradle her head with one hand, holding firmly and gently, and tilt her face upwards.

Step 4:
Tablets: Put one hand on top of your cat's head and tilt her head back.Hold the tablet between the thumb and forefinger of your other hand. Press down on the front of the lower jaw with your other fingers. Put the pill onto your cat's tongue as far back as you can get it. Close her mouth and hold it until she swallows.

Step 5:
Liquid medication: Liquid medication can be applied with a dropper or syringe. Tilt your cat's head back and insert the syringe or dropper into the side of the mouth behind the canines, which are the large fang shaped teeth. Release the liquid slowly so your cat has time to swallow.Remember to give your cat a treat afterwards to take the taste away.

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