Buying and Caring for Pomeranian Puppies

by : jstanton85

Pomeranian puppies are growing in popularity with a vengeance however it is not always common knowledge on how to care and even select from various Pomeranian puppies. These are cute, adorable fluffy little animals that think as they grow that they are as big as the biggest German Shepard out there but they are awfully loyal and very protective of their owners.

This breed of puppies are not recommended for small children as they have a short temper and often have the reputation of snapping and biting when in the presence of small children that are too rough or loud. They are however perfect for any elderly person who doesn't like to go for long extravagant walks with dogs or that have a limited space for rearing a dog.

Before Buying Pomeranian's

When you are seeking out Pomeranian puppies to buy for yourself or someone you know it is of high importance that you find out if your puppy has had de-worming vaccinations. This is a pivotal part of buying your Pomeranian puppies as it prevents them from getting those awful dreaded worms. As well as worm vaccinations, be sure that any of the Pomeranian puppies you wish to purchase have been given all immunizations that are required up to the point that you buy them.

After initial immunizations in the care of the store or organization, it will be necessary that your Pomeranian puppies get more vaccinations and it is imperative that you keep up on them. After all, you don't want your puppy getting sick.

Daily Caring of Pomeranian Puppies

Along with feeding and daily exercise, which is an important part of any Pomeranian puppies life, comes the hygiene, teeth care and grooming. It is important that your puppy have dry food available at all times and is recommended for these dog types and on top of the bowl of dry food being out, also three times a day you must give your puppy some soft canned puppy food as well as having a fresh supply of water at all times.

Your puppy is not going to like this step much but if you continue to do it while it is young, it will get easier and the puppy will accept having its teeth brushed. You can use a small infant soft toothbrush or you can use a specially made dog one but whichever you should choose never put toothpaste on it.