Saltwater And Freshwater Aquariums - What You Need To Know

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Having a saltwater aquarium can be fun and rewarding or can be upsetting if a person lacks knowledge on the proper and right ways of taking care of fish especially in the saltwater aquarium.

Setting up one requires some equipment to be used for the success of your saltwater aquarium. Filters and air pump are some of the most important facilities. Some decorations can be added such as sand and gravels, which sometimes varies in different colors. You can also include plastic or real plants, castle or miniatures ship and other fancy decorations in the aquarium, but just be very careful that it won't clutter inside. Light is also essential in saltwater aquarium for the enhancement of the color of the aquarium and especially the fishes survival.

Saltwater aquarium requires three types of filtration. One is the Biological filtration, which involves the removal of the bacteria, which is often created by the fish on its activities, and processes that it undergoes inside the tank. Second, the chemical filtration that is more on the removing of the discoloration and chemicals on the water that harms the fish inside the tank. Third, is the mechanical filtration, which deals more with the removal of the visible materials floating on the aquarium such as uneaten fish foods, wastes of the fishes and other squanders floating or at the bottom of the saltwater aquarium, and this job is commonly done by the net.

There are many considerations regarding the proper ways in keeping the fish alive in a saltwater aquarium, unlike freshwater aquariums; saltwater aquarium is more difficult to set up. One very good example is mixing saltwater. We must remember that water evaporates while the salt is left, which means that the salinity of the water on the tank always varies, which can cause harm especially on the fishes inside the aquarium. A hydrometer may help you track the salinity of the water and add some salt to get the right salinity content of the water.

Beginners can set up their saltwater aquarium depending on what they like. You can just put fish only in the aquarium, or fish with full reef ambience, or whatever design you want, as long as it you make sure that the fish inside the aquarium would be able to survive.

Experienced aquarists and experts say that we must always find the perfect place for the aquarium in the house. If the location of your saltwater aquarium is always struck by sunlight, it may result to changes on the temperature of the water on the tank and would produce more algae due to the sun and its UV rays, which may harm your fish inside the aquarium.

Some people find taking care of fishes as a pet difficult. The reason behind this maybe is that they lack familiarity or they were not given the right information on the proper ways on taking care of the aquarium as well as the fishes inside, but the truth is, it is not that much difficult at all.
There are several steps to be considered in order to become successful on taking care of freshwater fishes.

First step is to have all the equipments to be used on the aquarium or fish tank. One is the filtration equipment, which is responsible for keeping and maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of the water on the tank and you need an air pump to keep the water on the tank aerated and to produce oxygen for the fish or plants inside the tank.

Decorations such as gravel, sand, and plants that can be plastic or real ones, depending on your choice, are great ideas as well. There are also some decorations nowadays made of plastic such as a fortress, vessel, shells and other fancy garlands and some aquarium backgrounds, which are commonly underwater views. Lights also give a very desirable effect on the enhancement of color in the aquarium and gives real plants inside chlorophyll for them to grow. However, beware of putting different decorations inside the tank because it may just pollute the water or just muddle the water inside. Always remember that fishes needs space for them to swim.

There must also be a cover on the aquarium to protect dust or other materials going into the tank. A stand for the aquarium also plays a vital role in keeping the balance of the tank. Other cleaning materials is also important such as a net, chlorine remover, heater for keeping the right temperature of the water and most importantly, fish food.

Some of the best advices is to be careful in feeding the fish because over feeding of fish may result to harm. There are also some people who put too many fishes on their aquarium, do not forget that some fish fights and it might cause inadequate supply of oxygen for the fish and real plants inside the tank if there are too many fishes on the tank.