Does Anyone Else Dislike Christmas

by : Daggi Pulz

During Chrstmas, most people are happier than a fat kid eating a Krispy Kreme donut.

Christmas brings so many great things to the table;

  • the caroling
  • no school
  • the snowmen and hour long snowball fights that ends with bloody noses
  • the eggnog and drunken relatives
  • the presents
  • holiday parties
  • the drinking hot coco next to a roaring fire while cuddling up with your loved one.


How could anybody not possibly love this great holiday! It’s a hiatus from the dark sadness of reality and a time where you can be ridiculously happy! 

However, in a recent poll, over 45 percent said that they dreaded Christmas altogether.

Not everyone seems to see the light that Christmas brings, and if you look harder into the eyes of this joyous holiday, you may see why.

Why People Dread Christmas
Christmas Depression

  • Spending Christmas alone is a very depressing situation for many people
  • The couple theme that constantly exists with this holiday is not easy to hide from if you are single. For people who are already suffering from depression, the Christmas season only makes it worse.
  • The belief that Christmas has become too commercial. In fact, over 50 percent of people polled said that they think Christmas should be toned down a bit. “It definitely has become too commercial with people putting out decorations two months in advance, but the spirit behind it has generally stayed the same for most people” declared Sarah Geiger.
  • The feeling that everyone else is having a better time than you. The constant belly-full-of-jelly laughs around the company water cooler may have you thinking, “Did I miss something? Am I being left out?!
  • The Constant money spending, the overeating, and the Christmas parties.
  • Christmas time can also remind people of a lost one, which could make anyone, have a miserable Christmas time.

It’s a shame not everyone can be happy during this time of year, but being depressed on Christmas is completely understandable. These poor saps seem to miss the Christmas bliss train every year, but who knows; this year maybe, just maybe, they’ll catch it.