All The Secrets Of The Amazing Green Parrot!

by : jstanton85

There are many different species of parrots, but none so popular as the breeds of the green parrot. There are of course many different subspecies of the green parrot, including the Australian king parrot, the Eastern green parrot, the king lorry and so many more. These particular parrots are mostly native to Australia where they find their homes in the natural rain forests in subtropical climates. The king parrot for one, is one of the most beautiful species of parrots known and are very popular to be kept as pets, however they fetch a high cost that most people cannot afford. Also many of these green parrots are caught illegally in the wild and sold on the black market. Many are killed in the process.

The King Parrot

The king parrot is native to Australia and is commonly known by multiple names including; the Eastern King, Queensland King, King Lorry, Scarlet Parrot and of course most often known as the Green Parrot. They are usually found in humid rainforests when they are able to blend into the surrounding habitat with their naturally green appearance.

Most green parrots stay within small flocks, however is some parts of Australia you might see much larger flocks flying beautifully in the air. One of the most well known facts about the green parrot is that they are said to be one of the most loudest species of parrots and cab be heard from a long distance away screeching like there is no tomorrow!

What About Training Green Parrots?

Most green parrots have a limited training potential. They are often kept as pets in large aviaries and sometimes in the house. They are not known to be great talkers, however they are great company and always friendly, except for the fact that some may bite on the very rare occasion. They are said to be one of the most devoted parrots to their owners out of all the breeds of parrots on Earth and therefore also occasionally protective.

There is a reason why most people keep their green parrots outside and that is because some of these parrots have been known to develop lung diseases due to the reduction of oxygen inside houses. If you do decide to purchase a green parrot, make sure you first have an aviary already built in your backyard. Also as like most parrots, they need a lot of care and attention so you are best buying more than one parrot so that it has company all the time when you are not able to be around.