Is The English Setter The Perfect Pet For Your Family?

by : leedobbins

If you looking for mild-mannered dog that is great with kids and loves long walks than the English Setter might be for you!

This hunting dog, makes a wonderful family pet being calm in the house requiring daily exercise. You'll need to have a yard for him to run around In and take them on walks but he is great with children and has a sweet personality. The breed dates back to 16th century France where it was developed from the French Pointer and Spanish Pointer for hunting. In the 1800's Sir Edward Laverack further develop the breed into the dog we know today.

The English setter is a medium-sized slender dog which can grow to be between 23 and 27 inches tall and weighing between 45 and 80 pounds. He has a medium length coat which is white and has the interesting distinction of being speckled with varying size dots. His hair is slightly wavy and his medium length ears high pointed tail and the backs of his legs are fringed with hair. He has a long head and a pronounced stop with a square muzzle and large bright hazel colored eyes. His coat is white and the speckles can be in orange, brown, or blue.

The English Setter has the sweetest most mild-mannered personality which makes him a great family dog especially if you have children. He can be difficult to train though so you need to start with a consistent training program when he is young. Use only positive reinforcement as the English Setter will not respond well to harsh treatment. This breed can also become very vocal and might bark excessively unless you train him not to from an early age. A hunting dog by nature, the English Setter is great at retrieving, hunting, pointing and agility. While he will not be overly energetic in the house, the English setter does need a yard to plan and brisk walks every day.

The English Setter can tend to become overweight if you don't watch what you feed him. This can cause a problem as this breed is prone to hip dysphasia. He doesn't really have any other inherent health problems, although the females can be prone to false pregnancies. The English setter can live up to 12 years with the proper care.

Grooming the English Setter is not overly difficult but his medium length coat does need daily brushing. If you let your dog run and play in the woods, then you will have to inspect his hair for burrs and in the summer lookout for ticks. Be sure to brush out any knots in his hair as soon as you find them. This breed is only an average shedder and does not need to be bathed often.