Will Customized Dog Treats Make For A Happy Dog?

by : billyou1232

In the past, dog treats were used exclusively to train dogs or to reward them for doing something good. Little thought was given as to how dog treats might help the dog beyond that or how they could be used to make pet owners' lives easier. Things are quite different today, as customized dog treats have become the norm.

Customized dog treats usually have some helpful property. One model which has become relatively popular is the bad breath dog treat. While this doesn't particularly help dogs, as their own breath no matter how hideous doesn't seem to have any impact on their self-image, it can be quite useful for owners who love their pet dogs, but cringe at the scent of their hot, pungent, fishy breath. These so called bad breath biscuits generally include components such as mint and parsley. While they can be purchased in grocery stores, many pet owners have begun baking these dog treats at home. If you decide to do this, remember not to put them close to the cookie jar (unless your children or significant other also has bad breath, too).

For those who wish to repair the bad breath situation, rather than putting a daily band-aid on it, you can always purchase dog treats that actually improve the dental hygiene of your dog. These will sometimes include active bacteria cultures or components you mind find a toxin free toothpaste. They will not only clean your dog's teeth, but they will get rid of plaque and any bacteria lingering in the gums. In addition to this, of course, you will want to schedule regular vet visits and tooth brushing.

Another favorite dog treat is anything that incorporates salmon oil. Many pet owners do not know this, but the same fish oils that are healthy for you the ones that contain omega fats are even more healthy for your dog. In addition to improving your dog's cholesterol, any fish oil treat will make rover's coat healthy and shiny. The big perk for the dog, of course, is that the treat tastes like salmon.

Another favorite among dogs are the liver and chicken dog treats. While these don't actually contain liver or chicken, they usually use enough broth and flavoring to taste like they do. Even if these wont necessarily improve the health of your dog by themselves, they can be used in sneaky ways that will. For instance, let's say that your dog isn't exactly married to the taste of that monthly heart worm pill. No problem: just slip in into one of those delicious liver dog treats and your dog will be none the wiser.

And there you have it: customized dog treats are on the rise. No matter what problem you or your dog has (with your dog), there's probably a box of treats somewhere that will at least attempt to fix it.