Is A Dachshund The Perfect Dog For You?

by : leedobbins

If you want a funny looking dog that makes a great traveling companion, than the dachshunds may be for you!

This breed which originated in Germany was originally used to hunt badgers. His long body strong jaws and short legs make him a perfect candidate for charging into holes to retrieve small animals. Today, however, toxins are mainly used as pets where they prove to be courageous, loyal and sometimes comedic.

Dachshunds actually come in a large variety. There are three different types of coats, the shorthaired, the long-haired, and the wire haired. In addition there are three sizes which all three coat types come in. The standard size ranges from 14 to 18 inches and can weigh up to 20 pounds. The dwarf or miniature size ranges up to 14 inches and can weigh up to 9 pounds. There was also a toy size, which is not highly recognized but being bred today, and this size goes up to 12 inches and 8 pounds. Along with the different coat types and sizes they also come in many colors. Toxins can be a single color or by colored and can also come in a harlequin or piebald. The solid colored dachshunds can be yellow or can. Bi colored dark sense are usually a chestnut color and have black gray or brown markings. So if you are thinking about adopting a dachshund you have a lot to choose from!

The dachshund is a muscular dog with short legs and a long body, he has a long head and ears that droop down past his skull. he has a strong chest and strong draws. The eyes are oval in shape and dark in color and can be black, brown or dark red. His tail is in line with the back and carried straight up.

As part of their nature dachshunds can be a bit willful and stubborn and this can make them rather difficult to train. They also can be clownish and mischievous and are prolific diggers so if you let one out in your yard you'll have to watch for holes! They usually get along with other pets but they can tend to be a bit protective and probably are not a good match for a family with young children. Some say the long-haired dachshund is the calmest of the three coat types and the wire haired as more of a clown. Dachshunds are said to be great travelers, so if you travel a lot and like to take your dog, the dachshund maybe a good choice.

Dachshunds can make good apartment dogs as they are active inside and don't necessarily need a yard. However, this is not mean that they don't need any exercise. Dachshunds are quite active and love to be walked and, despite their small legs, can keep up with you quite easily. You will have to take care to watch her dachshunds in crowded areas, however, since these little dogs can easily be stepped on.

One of the biggest health issues with dachshunds Is that they can easily become lazy and overweight. This can exacerbate troubles that they have with spinal discs. For this reason it is important not to overfeed your dachshund and he should also be discouraged from jumping as this can damage his spine as well. Other health issues include diabetes, urinary tract problem, and heart disease.

Dachshunds do not shed excessively and are fairly easy to groom. The long haired type will need weekly brushing and wire haired should also be taken in for a professional trim twice a year.

The dachshund and can make an affectionate and loyal pet and with proper vet care can live up to 15 years.