Find Out The Secrets Of Having A Talking Parrot!

by : jstanton85

Is it not the dream of a parrot owner to each one of his or her peers that they have a talking parrot? I know that was my goal. I always wanted to have a parrot that would greet every new guest that entered my house. It took a lot of training but in the end I finally achieved this goal and was able to tell everyone about it. What are some of the best things about having a talking parrot?

The first great thing about having a talking parrot is that you can teach them to answer every question you ask them with either a yes or no. How many other types of pets are there that can actually tell you if they have done something bad? After a great deal of practice a parrot can have the ability to understand every question it has been taught. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

Another great thing about having a talking parrot is that you can have your own greeting butler if you like at your front door saying hello or good evening or even have a great day and don't trip over as you walk out the door! Its amazing to see the looks on people faces when they hear something shout out, how are you without knowing that its actually the parrot sitting on its perch right in front of them saying it.

The last great thing about owning a talking parrot is that you can teach them to say anything you want it to say. You can teach it to be polite or you can teach it to be rude, polite is recommended of course. This means that you can teach them to ask any question, reply to any comment or just randomly say anything you want. This of course will take a lot of training but in the end it is definitely worth it. Think about when you are sitting at home all alone because no one loves you and all you want to do is have someone to talk to. I know this has happened to me on a few occasions that I do not wish to repeat! If or when this happens you can always just sit down and have a good old chat with your parrot and the best thing is, he or she will only say exactly what it has been taught to say, by you. This means no back chatting or unnecessary arguments. You can have a nice pleasant conversation with a polite, caring and most importantly funny parrot.

So there it is the three best things about having your own talking parrot. Remember teaching a parrot how to talk takes a lot of time and some serious hard work. It will not happen overnight but it will happen. So if you do decide that you want to have your own talking parrot be ready for a hard road ahead, but also a great end to your journey!