15 Must Know Tips When Travelling With Your Westie

by : zenithpublishing

Taking your Westie along can make the family vacation more fun for everyone, but only if you plan carefully. Here are some tips to make travelling with your Westie more enjoyable.

Health and Safety

No 1: - Bring your Westie to the vet for a check up before going on a long trip.

No 2: - Make sure all his vaccinations are up to date. Also take vaccination records with you. Health certifications are required for airline travel.

No 3: - To keep your Westie healthy as you travel, bring along a supply of his regular food and some local, or bottled, water.

No 4: - Be sure to bring any medications your Westie needs. These have to be prescribed by your vet.

A crate is an excellent way to keep your Westie safe in the car and is required for airline travel. It can also keep your pet from getting into trouble in a hotel or at your host?s home. Crates are available from most pet supply stores. Look for these features when purchasing:

No 5: - Large enough to allow the dog to stand, turn and lie down.

No 6: - Strong, with handles and grips, and free of interior protrusions. Leak-proof bottom covered with absorbent material.

No 7: - Ventilation on opposing sides, with exterior rims or knobs to prevent blocked airflow.

No 8: - "Live Animal? label, arrows upright, with owner?s name, address and phone number.

No 9: - Stock the crate with a comfortable mat, your dog?s favourite toy, and a water bottle, and your dog is ready to go.

No 10: - Consider a permanent form of identification, such as a microchip This is something that you should do whether you travel or not. So many things can happen to separate your dog from his identification tags. Microchips and tattoos are always there. The cost is relatively low.

For Lodging:

No 11: - Find out in advance which hotels or motels at your destination or on your route allow dogs. Many do not, or have size or breed restrictions.If your Westie is allowed to stay at a hotel, respect other guests, staff and the property.

No 12: - Keep your Westie as quiet as possible.

No 13: - Do not leave him unattended. Many dogs will bark or destroy property if left alone in a strange place. Crate him when he is left alone ?turn on the TV.

Prepare For Health Problems that are Common To Most Travellers:

No 14: - Constipation can plague travelling pets. It can be caused by lack of exercise or water, infrequent stops or anxiety about strange new territories. Temporary constipation is not a serious problem and will usually clear up before long.

For a Westie, you can prepare a useful preventive with figs, prunes and raisins as well as fresh berries or other fruits in season. Bran or psyllium husks are also helpful.

No 15: - Nausea grips some animals when they ride in a car or plane, and they will either vomit or salivate excessively. The B-complex supplementation will help prevent nausea. Also, encourage your Westie to lie down on the floor of the car as a preventive.