Munchkin Cats: Short Stuff

by : cherrypie

Triggering a love or hate reaction at first glance, the Munchkin cat is short on legs but long on endearing qualities with their legs running usually forty percent shorter than their body is long. They have been around for several decades and are typically described as regular cats with very short legs. There is no doubt that your first glance at a friendly, self assured Munchkin will leave you feeling like someone cut their legs off. They are typically both funny cats and are lots of fun to have around, being considered by many to be more people oriented and affectionate than the average domestic cat.

Munchkin cats' short legs are contributed to a naturally occurring genetic mutation rather than from human manipulation. The gene responsible has been compared to the one that gives Welsh Corgis and Dachshunds their short stature. Fortunately for Munchkins, though, they don't suffer from the many spinal problems that are typically associated with those types of canine breeds, and that is because cats' spines are physically different from those of a dog, therefore making the Munchkins more suited to the short legs.

As for grooming, shorthaired Munchkins sport a great medium texture, all weather coat that requires little to no care on the part of their human companions. The longhaired version of the Munchkin has a silky, semi-long coat consisting of a substantial ruff at the breeches on the hind legs and on the neck. If your long haired cat can't keep up with the grooming, then a quick bath will do the trick, however, you may want to start bathing your cat from kitten on in order to get him or her used to the idea. Most cats don't take too well to water and giving one a bath could become a real nightmare for the person trying to administer the procedure. However, most cats are very good at keeping themselves well groomed, especially when kept indoors as most cats should be, and often only require an occasional brushing, especially when they are shedding.

The dangers of allowing your cat to roam freely outside are considerable. Not only can they pick up diseases from other animals and parasites like fleas, tics, and ear mites, but they are exposed to the dangers of being killed by other animals, vehicles and, as much as we don't like to think they exist, by cat haters and cruel, mean people who delight in torturing and killing cats for their own sick enjoyment. Since Munchkins are so short legged, they're might not be as fast as other long legged cats and their difference could make them a prime target. We all need and want to give our Munchkins and all of our cats our full love and protection. Keeping them safely inside will give them the best possible chance to live long, happy lives.