The Oldest Breed of Domestic Cat, the Siamese

by : cherrypie

Probably the oldest breed of cat in existence is the unique-looking Siamese. This sleek feline was originally exported from Siam, now Thailand, in the late eighteen hundreds and the unmistakable appearance is known far and wide. Siamese cats are all sleek lines, chiseled aristocratic, wedge-shaped heads, short silky coats, almond shaped eyes that are a deep blue and are slanted, and their coats which consist of a striking contrast in color. Another thing that is legendary about Siamese cats is their voice, as they are quite vocal, and are also well known for speaking with their body language as much as their voices. Very much a "people" cat, they are happiest whether in your bed, on your lap, or anywhere else they can get to, including the kitchen table. They love to explore, so do not be surprised if you find your Siamese on top your refrigerator, walking the narrow edge of your bedroom door, and happily ensconced inside of your kitchen cupboard, bathroom vanity, or even nestled on a shelf inside your linen closet.

Highly intelligent, Siamese cats have loving natures and inquisitive personalities making their journey to your heart a quick and easy one. These beautiful animals first appeared in England when the English ambassador to Siam was presented with them as a gift, and he returned home with them. It didn't take long before they began to appear in the English cat shows and by the early twentieth century, they also began to show up in the American shows as well.

Probably the best-known variety of Siamese cat is the Seal point, with pale fawn bodies and seal brown extremities that are almost black in color. The Seal points were the first of the breed to arrive on the Western scene. Chocolate points having creamy white bodies and milk chocolate markings did appear from time to time. But the Blue point with bluish-white bodies and slate blue points was the one that really gained official recognition around 1934. In case you didn't know, the points are located on the cat's legs, tail, mask, and ears. Last but certainly not least is the Lilac point, which has a white body and pinkish gray points, and is considered to be the most ethereal and delicate Siamese in hue, with color considered the most prominent feature in this breed of cat.

Siamese cats are loving, personable animals that will easily win their way into your heart and captivate you with their distinctive good looks, superb intelligence, and winning personalities. And if you enjoy talking to your cat, and what cat lover does not, your Siamese will happily keep up his end of the conversation.