How To Select The Right Parrot!

by : jstanton85

Pet parrots are very common today in family households. People are drawn to their lovable nature, their curious facial expressions and of course their amazing ability to talk. Before making a choice to buy a parrot you first need to find out all there is to know about them.

Are parrots clean animals? All that needs to be said is that a parrot is an animal that eats and then makes waste. Unfortunately parrots do not have the ability to clean up after themselves, otherwise they would make a great investment. It is important to make sure that the parrot cage is kept clean most of the time as when left unclean your parrot may become subject to infectious diseases.

Another trait that all parrots have in common with one another is their sometimes unbearable screaming. However this like many other things can be trained and in time eventually controlled with a series of hand signals and gestures. This will take a lot of time but there are parrot training courses out there to help you along the way. Also it is better to start your parrots training while they are still young as parrots like humans learn faster during their younger years.

Parrots are very intelligent and social animals. If you keep the bird alone in his cage it will get bored and develop behavioral problems. It is suggested that you are better off purchasing more than one parrot for this reason alone. Remember if you are attempting to train your parrot, behavioral problems are the last thing you want to have to deal with.

How long do parrots live for? Some can live for up to 75 years. It is amazing to think that such a small animal like a parrot can have this kind of lifespan. It must be because they are always happy! In fact in many cases parrots have out-lived their owners and therefore needed a new place to stay. Try to take this into consideration before bringing that new parrot home to the kids because more than likely one of them will be taking over the duties of cleaning and caring for it when you are gone.

Remember a parrot is an animal and therefore should be treated like an animal. No matter how well you train it to speak, it will never have the ability to understand what it is saying. However with all this said if you decide to go out and buy a parrot as a pet, you are making a very sound decision indeed.