The Basics Of Dog Leash Training

by : skrisk

It is a wonderful experience getting a new mate in your home - a puppy. However, it comes with certain responsibilities and duties for you, not only joy. First, your puppy should be trained well, right from the beginning in the basics of house living so you do not have too much trouble with new addition. It's very important, as if the momentum you'll lay will be experienced through the rest of your dog's habits. These would include commands such as 'sit', 'beg', 'lie down', 'come', 'roll over' and so on. Dog leash training is also one of the most basic parts of dog training.

What is the best time to start dog leash training? The training of a puppy should start when your puppy is about 6-7 weeks old. The best and the fastest way to get good results is to use the positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement in dog leash training means every time your puppy performs well, you should praise lavishly and you can give your dog a small treat. The positive reinforcement method works much better than any other method available for training dogs.

You will need to take your dog for a walk on a leash once or twice a day so it gets the required exercise and it can relieve itself outside, unless you live on a ranch of course, and your dog can walk by himself whenever he wants. A certain amount of discipline will be needed from the dog if you do not want to be running after it and screaming at it every time it wants to chase something or someone, which usually happens with young puppies. This discipline while walking on a leash is called - dog leash training.

Dog leash training should be started in friendly and known for dog environment. Otherwise the puppy would be too busy inspecting the new place than listen to what you have to say. The best place would be the front of your house, or the backyard, or where usually take your dog for a walk. You can use a nylon lead for the first time which is light and yet strong enough, or a choker collar would be good to keep the dog from pulling on the lead, though the best would be gentle tugging with a stern command.

As mentioned before, the best way for your dog leash training is the positive reinforcement method. You walk in front of the dog and call it to you. When it comes, you give it a treat and praise it. Keep repeating this process while gradually increasing the distance you have the dog walk with you, along with you. Every time it does it without pulling or staying behind you reward it. It will surely take time and patience, but it will be fun for you and the dog.

Don't forget that a puppy is not only joy, you have responsibilities as well. Train your dog so you could be proud of him!