Dog Training and Why You Need It

by : snook2

If you have recently brought home a new puppy, or are considering this precious purchase, it is also time to start thinking about dog training and why you need it. It is your job to help your puppy learn appropriate behaviors right from the start, to ensure a happy and successful relationship between you.

Dog training is not just about changing problem behaviors. It is an essential means of:

-communicating with your pet
-establishing rules for their own safety at home or out walking
-setting guidelines for proper behavior in the house and yard
-maintaining appropriate behavior with people and other dogs
-teaching your dog acceptable ways to channel their energies and frustrations

Dogs are highly social animals, and one thing you can expect is that when they are left alone they are going to feel bored and lonely and look for ways to express these unhappy feelings. A large area of dog training involves anticipating potential problem behaviors, and learning to either prevent these, or respond to them promptly and effectively.

For example, chewing is both a natural behavior and one that might be used to alleviate boredom or stress. Making sure your puppy has appropriate objects to chew on, and teaching them what can and cannot be chewed will provide you both with relief.

Digging is another natural activity for many dogs, but one that may cause you grief if it gets out of control. If your dog likes to dig, try designating an area for that purpose and try to teach them where they can and cannot dig by command, rather than punishment.

The time spent training your dog, and rewarding her for good behavior, will not only help you deal with situations as they arise, but will contribute to her contentment at receiving time with and attention from her human, and decrease the likelihood of problem behaviors arising. Continue reinforcing good behavior with lots of praise and treats as an ongoing element of the time you spend together playing, exercising or just hanging out.

There are lots of helpful books, websites, and programs to help you get your dog training started in the right direction, and help you deal with problems that are not so easily changed. Ideally you should have some idea of the traits that are particular to the breed you choose ahead of time, as well as reading about owning a dog in general, so you will know what sorts of behaviors you can expect to deal with. Dog training is an essential component of the overall responsibility you take on when you own a dog, but one that is well worth the time spent in order to ensure a long and happy life together.