Choosing The Right Name For Your Pet

by : asupport

After bringing home your new puppy, the next step would be naming it.

Some people will see your dog's name as a reflection of the dog's personality or even your own. So it is important that you should choose wisely, but have fun too.

In the past, we tend to name our dogs based on their physical or personality trait, like when the dog has a distinct spot, we tend to call them Spot, or Couch Potato for a lazy dog. However, today we think of dogs as real family members, so the latest trend is to give our pets human names. Some people call their pets after their favorite actors or actresses, some even after their favorite cartoon characters, like Snoopy for dogs and Garfield for cats.

Choosing a name for your pet dog could be hard if you aren't very creative. So, here are the three basic dog name guidelines:

Firstly, dogs usually respond better to one or two syllable names, so pick a name your dog can easily recognize.

Secondly, avoid dog names that sounds or rhymes like the standard commands of No, Stay, Sit, Come, Down, or Fetch. For example, Noah or Joe is too close for No. A name that sounds like commands is difficult for dogs to tell the difference.

Thirdly, choose a name that is both easy to call out and one you won't be embarrassed about. Keep in mind that you will be the one calling your dog's name in public places and sometimes shouting it out in the local park. For example, if you're the macho type of guy, you would be embarrassed calling your dog's name in public if his or her name is Cupcake or Sugar.

Looking for dog name inspiration starts with the obvious. Take a look at your new friend, he may already be telling you his or her name without you knowing it. Look at his or her appearance, behavior, disposition and personality.

For instance, Bandit for a dog who steals things, Rebel for a stubborn dog, Patches for dogs with distinct marks. You can look elsewhere for inspiration. You can name your dog after another famous dog, for example, Pluto, Snoopy, or Lassie. How about choosing a dog's name after history's famous people, like Rasputin, or Napoleon?

You can also express your sense of humor when naming your dog, calling your dog opposite its physical appearance is one example, like naming your Great Dane Tiny.

Remember, the name you choose for your dog not only reflects your pet's personality but yours too. Some people may judge your dog's character by reference to its name and might react negatively or fearfully just by basing it to the name. For example, Killer would be an inappropriate name for a dog, unless you want to scare away people. Imagine yourself telling your friend to pet your dog Rabies.

After picking a dog's name that pleases you, stick to it. Changing your mind about the name would confuse your dog. When you call your pet, use his or her name. Do not say here doggy or here puppy, unless, if that's what you want to call your dog. Your pet will quickly learn his or her name if you use it often and he or she will also be familiar to your voice, therefore, will respond quickly if you call him or her.

Also try not to call your dog's name when you're angry at him or her. If you raise your voice in anger every time you use your dog's name, your dog won't come if you call.

Naming your pet is also a great activity to share with your family or friends. Get them involved when deciding your pet's name.