Pomeranian Pictures

by : susan

By looking at pomeranian pictures you will indeed fall in love with this wonderful breed of dog. Obviously there is more than just good looks that makes this dog adorable and a fantastic family member but good looks is a great start.

If you are looking for a small breed dog that is also a great watch dog, a loyal and intuitive companion, or one that is always happy and playful, with good looks to boot then you can't go past the pomeranian or pomerian (as sometimes mispelt).
How could you go past the fox like face and the beautiful ball of fur that you find when looking at pom puppies. Their little faces that hold so much expression.

Finding the time to look at pomeranian pictures you will soon see what I mean. You will also see different colors but the most common color is orange. You will find white, black, parti colors as well. Whatever color, they are all gorgeous. These dogs are a toy breed meaning that they are small. Some can be a small as 2 lbs. This is extremely small but most are anywhere up to 7 lbs. Unlike some other very tiny breeds such as the chihuahua for instance these dogs have a wonderful disposition and are not generally snappy or moody. Of course any dog can gain these traits by poor training from their owners but it is not an inbred trait to worry about.

What you will find is that you will have a friend for life and what I have found is that the older these dogs get they still seem to stay young with their enthusiasm for life. They adore human company and if you can say that they may have a down side then it would be that they want to be center of attention all of the time but with good training and lots of love and cuddles you will be able to keep that in check.

Take the time to look at lots of pomeranian pictures and read lots of information about these wonderful little creatures and then you will soon understand why they are such a popular little addition to any family including yours perhaps.