Cat Care And Your Longevity

by : languagemaster

Research suggests that spending time providing cat care may actually increase both your life span, and your quality of life. Scientific studies have shown that the relaxation and happiness that come from spending time with a domestic animal like a cat or a dog have numerous health benefits. Cat care that involves directly interacting with your pet may help you make your life longer and happier.

The research done on the correlation between spending time with a pet and having better than average health is conclusive. A study conducted at Brooklyn College in New York followed a number of heart disease sufferers after they were discharged from the hospital. The single social factor that was shown to be the strongest predictor of survival was pet ownership. Other studies have proved that citizens who put time into dog care or cat care visited their general practitioners less frequently than non pet-owners, and were less likely to require prescription drugs. Because of the mental stimulation and positive emotions associated with spending time with a pet, treatment centers and retirement homes across the nation are encouraging people to bring pets to visit residents who are in recovery. This suggests that even short term exposure to a cat or dog can have positive health benefits. If this is the case, just imagine what spending time with a cat every day can do for your body and your mind!

Some experts theorize that the reason why engaging in hands on cat care can both increase your life span and improve your health has to do with the simple fact that cat care offers you stability.
Cat care is a daily activity that requires you to spend at least a little bit of time each day sharing love and affection with another living being. This gives your day a little bit of structure that can help you stay calm and focused no matter what life throws at you. Cat care is a regular, steady routine that can help you stay motivated and focused on making progress in all arenas of your life.

Daily cat care can help you feel positive and confident, two traits which research suggest can greatly improve your chances of beating a disease or making a speedy recovery from a medical procedure. Offering your pet ideal cat care is a boon to your health because it makes you feel like a great person every single day. The love your cat shows you when you provide top shelf cat care can help you shake off negative feelings and emotions like sadness or anger. Cat care can help you manage stress and keep an upbeat attitude.

What all of this research adds up to is that cat care is great for your health. Making cat care a part of your routine can help you take a positive, enjoyable step towards a healthier lifestyle in the present and the future. The better cat care that you can provide for your pet, the more affection and happiness your pet can offer you in return. Think of great cat care as a way to say thank you to your cat for the health benefits that it offers you.