Dog Grooming: Safeguarding Your Pals Health

by : asupport

Dog grooming is essential in maintaining your dog's health which include routines involving regular brushing, combing for dead hair removal, bathing and nail removal.

Dog grooming provides dogs with shinier and healthier lifestyle plus the opportunity to spend some time with your dog. It is essential that you train your pet with dog grooming in his earlier years with mild approach. Some dogs may view the routine as another way of petting him. Combing and brushing will care for your dog's coat but it is equally important that you attend to his other body parts, like the ears, toes, eyes and the mouth.

Additionally, dog grooming will significantly contribute to your dog's over well-being, both in physiological and psychological aspects.

Dog grooming applies differently for the many varieties of dog breeds thus it is essential that you know the different treatments for each dog. But listed below is the general dog grooming methods that you may use as your basis.


Bathing is an substantial part of dog grooming. It is wise to bathe your pet once in two months are as frequently as needed. Brush you pet's coat before each bathe as to eliminate the mats out of his coat.

To bathe your dog:
? For secure footing, provide a rubber mat or a bath towel to be placed in your bath tub or sink. Then secure the dog's ears and with cotton balls as to prevent the water from entering these openings.
? Use warm water to rinse your dog. If a spray hose is available it is best to use it but make use the nozzle of the hose is kept close to your pet's body. Never spray the animal directly on his face, this may irritate or scare him.
? Use shampoos that are only made for dogs. With small amounts, start from head to tail but avoid getting the shampoo on your dog's eyes. Be sure to clear from dirt the dog's rectum, and other body parts like those under the chin, behind the ears and between the dog's toes.
? Then rinse your dog with warm water, make sure that no shampoo is left on his coat.
? Lastly, pat your animal dry with a bath towel or a hair dryer.

It is essential that your dog's coat is kept clean. Assure that with your dog's daily dog grooming routine, his coat is thoroughly brushed. This assures that his coat is kept from dirt. also, a dog grooming procedure like that of brushing may spread the dog's natural skin oils all through the coat. This may also keep the dog's skin form irritation and may further prevent his coat from tangling. This does not only apply with dogs having long coats but with short-haired dogs as well.

Nail trimming

For once a month, your dog's nails must be trimmed. Use a specially designed nail trimmer or clipper for your dog breed, also provide a blood-clotting powder in case his skin tissue is cut. You may also use scissors for this form of dog grooming.

Ear care

Is an important aspect of dog grooming. If not properly address, your pet may develop an ear infection, which in turn may result to permanent hearing loss. The symptoms for an ear infection are constant scratching, ear redness and head shaking. You dog grooming specialist or veterinarian must address sever cases of dog infections.