Hula Hoop Hoopla

by : Deborah Shelton

Which favorite toy pastime is fun for all ages and makes adults nostalgic for their childhood? Hula-hooping, of course! Stock up on inexpensive hula hoops and try your hand…er, hips…at these silly games.

1. Hula Hoop Contest: Challenge your mom, dad, best friend, and even your little brother to a hula hoop contest. Turn the radio on to upbeat music and watch the clock. The person who can hula the hoop longest, wins!

2. Hula Hoop Jumping: Put a fresh spin on an old game of jump rope. Use a very large hula hoop to jump and skip around the neighborhood. Once you get the hang of it, have hoop jumping races!

3. Hula Hoop Obstacles: Set up a super fun hula obstacle course in your backyard. Create different stations with various tasks such as (Station 1: hula hoop for 10 spins; Station 2: jump through three hoops that are held by three different people; Station 3: jump rope with a hula hoop while singing “Miss Mary Mack" or another silly rhyme, etc.

4. Hoop Toss: Scatter cardboard boxes or empty plastic soda bottles around the yard with space between each. Write point numbers on each box or bottle. Take turns gently tossing hula hoops to encircle the boxes. The player with the most points wins!

5. Hula Mastery: Try to copy the incredible skills of Cirque du Soleil hoop performers. Start out with one hoop on your arm, and then add another spinning hoop to your other arm. Once both hoops are spinning in time, try to pick up a hoop from the ground with your foot and spin it around your ankle. Bravo!