Improving the Veterinary Medical Attention of our Cat

by : danlesser

The choice of a Veterinary Doctor for our cat is not always easy, we will have to find that professional who makes you and patient feel comfortable. This can be done by references, proximity of the address, affection, suitability, trajectory, services, etc, in addition it is not necessary to only pay attention to the cost but the quality of the professional and the services. There can be variation in the levels between professionals but also with the professional quality of attention and services. Remember that our cat is not only one financial investment and deserves the best attention.

Some questions that we must do to us before choosing a Veterinary Clinic:

Are they specialist in the animal that we have? They have attention of emergencies outside his commercial schedule.
They have agreements with other clinics to make studies shared?
They make consultations with specialists?
They have services of x-rays, ecograf?as, laboratory, internment, etc? They carry out all the surgeries?
Is the place clean and ordered?
There are disagreeable scents?
There is good parking for cars?
The personnel is kind?
The telephone is answered efficiently and attentively?

Every day many cats receive medical attention of good quality. They obtain the appropriate attention, when they need it, in the way indicated with the best possible results. But once in a while, something goes wrong. The animals receive medical services that do not need or they cannot obtain that same attention when and if they need it. Sometimes, the animals are victims of medical errors that many, with our collaboration could have been avoided. A medical error is a mistake that happens while an animal is taken care of. The fact is that the quality of the medical attention varies. There are many reasons for which this happens, because the quality depends on many things, for example docileness of the patient, how much is known about the treatment and of his suffering, economic possibilities (for example a treatment or to arrive at a diagnosis by means of complementary studies) etc... investigations have shown that if more in their veterinary medical attention becomes jumbled, it's possible to obtain better results and feel more satisfied. I have here what you can do:
* Work altogether with the Veterinary Doctor, the assistants and other relatives to make decisions related to the attention from your cat.
* Follow the directions of the medicine prescribed in the veterinary medicine or pharmacy.
* Ask, and you continue asking until he understands the answers. He must right to speak with any person who is involved in her attention. Ask how much experience the doctor has in the treatment of the ailment.
* When they give your cat an x-ray or some analysis of the laboratory, do not suppose that "no news is good news", ask the professional when and how it will receive the results. Will it be in person or by telephone?
* Ask the veterinarian who gives the scientific evidence about the ailment and of the treatment options. Know that "more is not always better." Attempt to find out why your cat needs an analysis or treatment and how it can help him. It could be better not to have it.
* If you cat is going to be put under a surgery, ensure that you, their veterinary doctor and the surgeon agree on the approach to take. Do everything that can be done before and after the surgery to hurry your cat's recovery.