Police Training a Dog - The Ultimate Service

by : marclindsay

Good police dog training is important for any dog that is potentially going to become a member of any police force. Selecting the right dog for police dog training, and practicing proper police dog training techniques is extremely important.

The following paragraphs will give some useful tips for selecting the right dog for police dog training, and provide some basic police dog training tips.

The most important thing to remember when selecting a dog for police dog training, you must choose a dog that you can successfully bond with. All future police dog training is reliant upon the bond you will share with your new partner.

The success of police dog training depends highly upon the bond between the dog and the trainer, and the trainer's ability to make the dog understand things until they become instinct to the dog. Being decisive and firm are important, but making the dog understand what you expect of him requires a bond.

A dog cannot ask questions when he is confused about some aspect of his police dog training, and a good bond between the dog and his trainer will help to enable the trainer to know when the dog is confused.

Something to remember enforcing police dog training is never punish the dog unnecessarily. Since dogs have little sense of logical reasoning, any displeasure during police dog training should be displayed only immediately after the infraction.

If you are not sure the dog understood exactly was was expected of him, you should not punish him during police dog training. On the other hand, deliberate disobedience during police dog training must be handled immediately.

When assisting in police dog training, you should always use kindness to reward your dog for success. You should never be unkind to the dog, unless you are positive that being unkind to the dog for a short period will prevent necessary unkindness at a later stage in police dog training.

You should reward your dog for everything that is done well during police dog training.

Finally, you should always end your police dog training sessions with your dog on a good note. Never wrap the police dog training session up if the dog has just made a mistake.

Police dog training sessions should always wrap up on a good note, like letting the dog do something he likes, then ending the session.