Can a Taser Help You

by : Stephaniekirby40

Personal protection devices vary from small knives to handguns. Each has its benefits and its downsides. Downsides with many devices can be legal in nature. For example, only knives with small blades can be carried, and guns require a concealed weapons permit. Downsides can also be related to their use. For example, guns and knives require skill, training, and accuracy to use them effectively. The benefit of guns and knives is their ability to inflict major damage to your assailant. A gun can stop an attacker quickly and permanently.

Besides knives and handguns, protection devices also include things like mace, pepper spray, and tasers. These devices are effective, require no particular training, and don’t typically require a license. Since they are non-lethal weapons, they are also good for anyone needing to defend themselves but are concerned about killing their assailant.

In choosing between the spray weapons, like mace and pepper spray, and tasers, stopping power and accuracy are the main concerns. Mace and pepper spray won’t stop someone who is violently enraged or high on certain hallucinogenic drugs. They require a shot to the assailant’s face. In close quarters, the spray can also affect the person using the spray.

However, when dealing with your common street mugger, mace and pepper spray should stop him long enough for you to get away. Certainly, getting away should be the main concern for anyone using any of these weapons. Whether you stop them for 30 seconds or forever, you can at least find your way to safety. Be aware that Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New York have restrictions on purchasing and carrying spray weapons.

Unlike spray weapons, the Taser C2, Taser X26C, and Taser M18, from will stop any assailant immediately. Their electric charge affects the nervous system of the assailant. Regardless of the person’s size or emotional state, their muscles will seize, and they fall will down. You can find several demonstrations of this effect online, especially at the Taser website. It is quite amazing to watch a large, muscular man collapse in pain instantly when hit with the Taser charge.

You can use a Taser from up to fifteen feet away. The metal probes on the end will work through 1 inch of clothing. The tasers with a laser sight help make aiming easier, which is great in high stress situations. The Taser can also be used as a stun gun for close contact fighting. This flexibility in using the weapon will give you a better chance of getting away from the attacker. Unfortunately, Washington D.C., Illinois, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Wisconsin don’t allow stun type weapons.

Regardless of the type of personal protection device you choose to use, you should follow some basic practices to keep yourself safe. Always avoid places with limited escape routes, like alleys. Park under street lights and walk with a friend to your car when leaving work. Finally, carry yourself in a way that shows you are prepared and assertive, with your head high and shoulders back.