Why a Hurricane Shutter is Essential For Peace Of Mind

by : mattyos

With the increase of hurricanes in the caribbean area, it's becoming more and more essential to own or at least know how to make hurricane shutters. It seems that too many people rely on the forecasts of these hurricanes and figure that this will give them enough time to get out of the way of these destructive beasts. The truth is that even the finest technology can be caught unawares and so it's better to take some precautions and make sure your home is prepared for the absolute worst.

Hurricane shutters are clearly not going to protect a home that is always at risk such as a mobile home for example. One should also remember that even if the rest of the house is able to withstand the force of a hurricane, some shutters can prevent dangerous objects such as glass windows from breaking and can prevent the wind and rain from billowing around the house causing internal damage. You also don't want to be in a situation whereby you're forced to try and install shutters during a hurricane - not the easiest thing in the world it has to be said!

It's crucial to remember that these panels are not there just to protect the windows themselves. If hurricane force winds were to enter the house, there would be a sudden increase in air pressure. This pressure would immediately begin looking for a release and it's not uncommon for the entire roof of a house to blow off!

So, what are the best kinds of shutters? Well, it's always a good thing if they're affordable. You should also make sure that they offer the greatest protection possible and it helps if they're not too fiddly to install. Even if you're on a limited income please do not do what most people do and cover your windows with low grade plywood and nail them to the frame of your windows. These types of "shutters" are very likely to come apart in a storm and do more damage than good.

There is a new type of hurricane shutter made with a polycarbonate plastic. These types of panels are transparent and some, especially those made with General Electric's LEXAN sheet, have been formed into a corrugated effect to make them even more effective in withstanding hurricanes.

When a hurricnae rears its ugly head, your primary concern must be for the protection of your family. This, combined with the wish to make sure your house is protected from excessive damage means that a good hurricane shutter is essential for peace of mind. If a hurricane is on its way make sure you have the provisions and adequate protection to give your family the safest possible outcome.