Securing Your Home With Little or No Money

by : khale2003

Security is very important. Many factors go into determining how secure your home should be. Home alarm systems come in various price ranges and options. You can keep your costs to a minimum by implementing a few simple security issues.

Home Security through a burglars eye

When considering a security system take time to view your home from a burglars point of view. Once you have done this you can generally save money when finally purchasing an alarm system.

Most break-ins occur through a ground floor door or window. These are the areas that are of importance for your security. Burglars want to get the most from you in the shortest time with the least amount of risk.

Nighttime security

Do you have adequate lighting or do you have areas near the home that remain dark? The use of motion detectors to activate outdoor lighting increases the chances of a burglar leaving.

Daytime security

Are doors and windows obscured from view? Keep your hedges and trees trimmed eliminating a burglars ability to hide from passers-by while breaking into your home.

Door and Window Security

Do you have quality deadbolts on your doors? A good deadbolt, properly installed will make it more difficult for a burglar to gain entry into your home.

Check all your windows and make sure that they are secured when closed. You can use a block of wood or even a nail to secure windows that have broken locks or insufficient locks.

By doing these few simple things you can increase your home security and the chances a burglar will not attempt to break into your home.

Purchasing a Home Security System

Once you have taken care of the simple things mentioned above you can now move on to purchasing a home alarm system.

All outside entry doors should be protected with a contact. You can protect property from entry points resulting through a window by strategically placing a motion detector so that a burglar must pass this point before getting to other areas of the home.

You should place the alarm keypad for the security system near your primary entry/exit door. Since thieves know this as well you may consider installing a second keypad in your bedroom or office.

The security system should sound a siren should an unauthorized entry trigger an alarm, enticing the intruder to flee. The alarm system should also include a way to initiate an alarm manually if you suspect an intruder.

Your involvement and the bare bones system described above can go a long ways to increasing your home security. The key factor to the overall cost of purchasing a home security system is your peace of mind.

Increased security risks

Extra security components may be required depending on other factors such as, location and/or neighborhood, outdoor landscaping and the homes overall attractiveness to a burglar.

Give your Home a security check-up

Call your local police or sheriffs department to see if they offer free security checks. Some security companies also offer free home security checks as a part of their sales consultations.