Personal Protection and Safety Being Aware and Fighting Back

by : cammys2

Personal protection and safety is a concern for everyone. With personal crime on the rise all over the United States, it does not matter if you live in a big city or a small community; you are at risk. From being mugged at an ATM machine, to being assaulted on your daily run, even familiar places are dangerous. This is because criminals watch for the right moments to attack.

The number one thing you can do to stay safe is simple. Be aware. This means even when you are in a familiar situation, always be on the lookout for anything, and anyone, that looks suspicious. Always know WHERE you are, WHO is around you, and WHAT is happening. It is far too easy to be caught up in personal thoughts; and when that happens, you are a target.

Unfortunately, being aware will only take you so far. While it is an excellent first step to your safety, you also need to know what to do and how to react if you are caught in a situation you are not prepared for. There are a number of personal protection devices on the market specifically to be used as self-defense mechanisms. The terms pepper spray, pepper foam, and mace, are often used interchangeably.

Pepper Spray. Pepper spray is a non-lethal chemical agent. The uses for pepper spray are wide and varied, from riot control to crowd control to personal self-defense. Marketed widely as one of the most popular self-defense sprays, it comes in different sizes, from the key-chain purse size on up. The active ingredient is something called "capsaicin," which is derived from plants such as chiles, which is how the name "pepper spray" evolved. When used against an assailant, their eyes will not just tear up and sting, they will slam shut. In addition, it causes temporary blindness.

Pepper Foam. Pepper foam is made of the same ingredients as pepper spray. The difference in using foam versus spray is simple. The pepper foam will coat the assailant's face, and in trying to wipe it clean, he will grind the pepper into his face and eyes, making it even more difficult for him to react.

Mace. In today's day and age, mace is virtually the same as pepper spray. However, the original mace spray was actually a tear gas that caused the assailant's eyes to tear and burn, which would then immobilize them. It is important to understand that virtually all mace products today are not actually tear gas, but instead, are made of the same ingredients that make up pepper spray.

The reason the above self-defense products are so popular is that they work. If you are taken by surprise and have to react fast, these will stop your assailant in his tracks. Curious Collections has a large and varied stock of pepper spray options available and at the most reasonable prices you will find anywhere. We pride ourselves on delivering the best products at the best prices. In addition, we do this with the highest level of customer service possible. Our goal is to keep you safe and we will answer any questions you may have on any of our products.

Just remember, be aware, but be prepared as well.