About Air Humidifiers

by : airhumidifiers

When it’s less than 30% relative humidity, an individual can be quite uncomfortable and suffer from dry mucus membranes. This can lead to infections and nosebleeds. Air humidifiers can be used to make one’s home much more comfortable during the dry season. Low humidity can seriously aggravate symptoms of asthma. When the air is dry by various heating appliances—mostly in the winter season—air humidifiers can monitor humidity levels with the use of a gauge. This process prevents the over-humidification in a room.

Air humidifiers adds moisture to the air, as they come in assorted sizes and shapes from portable models to entire house systems directly connected to A/C systems or the furnace. With air humidifiers, the most popular is the evaporative humidifier. This model consists of a fan which blows the air through a rather damp wick filter. This enriches the humidifier with moisture. Honeywell, Hunter and Holmes are examples of marketable brand air humidifiers. An impeller humidifier consists of a rotating disc. This breaks the water into very fine droplets which float into the air. The Air-O-Swiss brand impeller air humidifiers are popular. An ultrasonic humidifier uses a vibrating metal diaphragm at an ultrasonic frequency. This creates water droplets which exit the humidifier in a cool fog form. The best in ultrasonic air humidifiers, Air-O-Swiss is choice. A steam humidifier (vaporizer) releases steam and moisture in the air, and boils water. The least costly of air humidifiers, they normally consist of a medicine cup. You can add a medicated inhalant to be released with vapors. The top selection in steam air humidifiers are Slant/Fin and Honeywell brands.

Air humidifiers can help prevent winter infections, as well as alleviate symptoms of the common cold, asthma attacks and the flu by keeping mucous membranes which protect the respiratory airways moist. Suitable humidity also helps relieve sore/dry throat and sinus pains. An air humidifier can help prevent chapped lips and itchy, dry skin, diminish static electricity, and prevent costly wooden objects—furniture, hardwood floors, musical instruments—from warping and cracking.

In the selection of air humidifiers, it usually depends on how spacious a room you choose to humidify. Every humidifier has a capacity listed in how many gallons of water is released into the air within a 24-hour period. Most air humidifiers are designated to humidify air within a single room. It’s likely to need a humidifier for each room where one can spend the time most. Less portable, larger models are available to cover an entire apartment or even a floor. A Whole House Humidifier can be installed as it adds moisture to the air directly from a furnace or A/C system for a more comprehensive solution in air humidifiers.