How to Choose an Outdoor Grill

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If you will be grilling for one or two people, you will not need a large grill. A small grill would be better for your needs. If, on the other hand, you will be cooking large meals, or for a number of people, then you may want to get a larger grill, as you will have more space and the ability to cook and keep food warm at the same time. You will also want to consider a larger grill if you will be grilling briskets, or other large items. A small grill is suffice for chicken, fish, or veggies, particularly if you are not dealing with large quantities.

If time is of the essence, then a gas or electric grill is the way to go. While I am personally partial to the taste of charcoal grilling, it does take considerably more time to get ready. Charcoal can take 15 minutes and more to be completely ready. With a gas grill, you just ignite and wait a few minutes, then your ready to cook.

Space is another consideration. You do not want to try to fit a large, super capacity grill into a small, confined space, like a balcony or a very small patio. Be sure to have adequate measurements, as it will prevent you from having to return a grill that's too big.

Smokers often give you the ability to smoke or grill. If want to grill and not have to buy a separate smoker, then a combined grill with a side smoke box, is probably the best pick.

Regardless to what you decide on, remember that you're dealing with fire. So, please take precautions, when grilling. Be careful where you set up your grill; leave ample distance between your grill and any building structures, particularly vinyl siding.