Coir Mattress: Know The Specialty

by : rsbombard

What is the relation between coconut and a mattress? How funny! Actually coconut plays an important role in the manufacturing of a mattress. The coir derived from coconut husk is a vital component present in a mattress. It is basically a natural type of fiber and the specialty that have brought it into popular use are it moisture reducing capacity and ventilation providing ability. Coir is a good ventilator and absorbs heat. Therefore lying on a coir mattress gives you the feel of a cool sensation and complete relaxation.

Coir and the other components in the mattress

A coir mattress doesn't mean that the whole mattress is made of coir. Coir is the basic part of it. It will have all the layers that a common mattress has. Therefore there will be the Bonnelli coil, the insulation pad and the cotton outer layer. Coir and polyurethane foam can be punched together and used in the mattress. How will the layers then be divided?

Actually the softness or the comfort you enjoy on sitting or lying on a mattress is generated from the core. It is not just due to the top layer padding. So coir and foam come in layers, one between the other in a coir mattress. The foam is in the central position and covered by coir from top and bottom. The insulating pads are the next covering layers.

Coir is comfortable and good for healthy sleeping

Coir is cool. Coir is comfortable. This would be exactly the right statement on coir mattress. Coir has a close relation with temperature control. The rubberized coir has a spring quality and does not retain moisture. Therefore the circulation of air between the coir fibers is smooth. And as a result, the foam also remains dry and fluffy. The compression with exertion of pressure is perfect and also comes back to original shape after the pressure is released.

Natural latex can also be a part of coir mattress. The rubberized coir with soft latex is a superb combination for walking into the dreamland in sleep. The coir regulates the temperature and the latex provides with specific support to every part of the body. Therefore insulation, ventilation and comfort work together to build up the supportive body of the mattress for healthy sleeping.

Your sleep should take you far from the hues and cries of daily life. And to avail it in a reasonable rate, always prefer to sleep on a coir mattress. Sleep well without any physical pain in a very natural way. The coir choice is really beneficial.