Edema And Adjustable Beds

by : rsbombard

Sometimes fluid accumulates between the cells in the soft tissue. This condition is called as Edema. "Accumulation of fluids" is not the complete description of the disease. It is far more serious and may lead to Cirrhosis of the liver, Vena Cava syndrome, allergies, infection or even AIDS.

The symptoms of this disease are reddening, heating or tenderness in the affected area, swelling in arms, legs, abdomen or fingers. Some may even have puffiness around the eyes or face. Edema is likely to increase weight of the body.

There may be a possible swelling around ankle, feet legs, gums, glands or even face. Edema is likely to affect the legs during the summer especially when the person is used to walking for long time.

Some of the causes of edema are: high intake of salt, malnutrition, sunburns, hypoalbuminemia, kidney disease, thyroid disease, liver failure from cirrhosis and also intake of certain drugs.

You may be wondering what adjustable beds have to do with edema. Read on to know how adjustable beds would help people with edema.

Doctors advise patients suffering from edema to use beds which reduce the body pressure. Patients are normally advised to sleep elevating the legs above the level of heart. Adjustable beds have been designed to provide all these comforts. They relieve the person of the body pressure and help you sleep in elevating position. They also reduce the swelling in different parts of the body.

Well those positions can also be achieved by propping up pillows under your back or knees, but that may never provide you the comfort you desire. With adjustable beds you can just push the control unit on a remote control and get the desired position. You can sleep in this position whole night without tossing and turning. Moreover, sleeping in elevated position allows excess fluid entry into the circulatory system.

Edema is associated with excess fluid either in the circulatory system or in between the cells of soft tissue. This fluid imbalance causes swelling up of different parts of the body.
This makes the body heavy and tired. Edema causes a great discomfort. Using adjustable beds can relieve you of stress and discomfort caused by edema.

There are a wide range of adjustable beds to choose from. They are available with manual and electric controls. With electric controls, adjusting the elevation is much easier. You can do it by sitting on your bed. Adjustable beds even provide you enough support while you sit with different sitting positions for watching TV or reading books.

All you need is to decide buying one adjustable bed and experience the comfort it offers. Adjustable beds prove to be a lifelong support to you.