With A Central Vacuum System Housework Is Truly A Breeze!

by : susan

If you are someone like myself you will absolutely hate housework. I mean who really loves it? Sure there are people who do a better job than others but that really is because they just have to do it not because they enjoy it, right? Take for instance vacuuming. Lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner around with you is just plain hard work. Now, if you are lucky enough to have a central vacuum system installed then the hard work is dissolved.

I have a central vacuum system now and I must admit it is a lot easier to use, making my house cleaning much more bearable. No more bashing into furniture when I pull the machine along and no more having an aching back. No more changing power points every time I go into another room. This central vacuum system is a breeze.

One of the other big advantages about installing a system such as this is that it does not blow out dust. Yes, that's right it is so much healthier for you. This is particularly important if you or someone else in your home suffers from respiratory problems such as asthma for instance. You see the fact is that the motor is installed outside the home and this is also where all the dust goes to. All you have in the home is a couple of insertion points where you connect your hose to.

In fact if your home is small then you will only need one insertion point. The hose usually is about 9 meters long so it will reach a very long way around the house. All you need is a space to house your hose when you are finished and they don't take up too much room at all especially if you hang it up inside a cupboard like you would a garden hose.

Another good thing about this type of vacuum is that you do not need to empty it out often. In fact I empty mine about once a year or even longer. The bag just sits in a big barrel with the motor outside. Having a central vacuum system also will add value to your home.

You can have a professional install one for you or if you are a handy person you can do it yourself quite easily. My husband installed ours without a problem. Most of the time you can go under the house but if your house is built on a slab you will have it piped in the roof. Your outlets or insertion points will still be in the wall close to the floor and your unit will be outside, in the adjoining garage, basement or roof.

After having ours installed I did start to become complacent and think that it wasn't anything special until it broke down. I then had to use my old canister vacuum and did it make me appreciate the central one. Now that it is fixed I know how easy it really is to use. Of course I still do not like housework and I am sure I never will but my ducted system does make life easier and I wouldn't do with out it.