You Really Should Consider Marble For Your Countertops

by : teahupoo

Do you look and look for that perfect piece to fit into the room that you are decorating? It might be that you want something elegant, or sophisticated, or just that perfect thing to suit your particular taste. No matter who you are you deserve the very best, everyone does. But just because you have the very best does not mean that it has to cost the most.

This includes choosing the correct piece when decorating your bathroom. These pieces also have to be carefully chosen because not only to they have to match your taste but they have to go with the color scheme of the bathroom. You certainly do not want to create a conglomerate of poorly chosen miss-matched items. You want to be able to go into your bathroom and take nice hot relaxing bath and let your troubles float away not just want to rush out of there because it is such a mess. You also do not want to be embarrassed when guests need to use your bathroom. The key here is to use your imagination, be creative, and combine that with your taste.

One elegant and inexpensive bath accessory is marble bath accessories. They come in many different collections and they are all very classy. With the Nile collection there is a contemporary style, the color is off-white, and the accessories include a soap dish, tissue box holder, toothbrush holder, tumbler, and a waste basket. This particular collection was created by D.I.G.S. Marble is used to make these accessories.

The Portoforo collection has a soap dispenser instead of the toothbrush holder as with the Nile collection but the accessories are still all made of marble. The color of these accessories though is black with a little bit of tan highlights included. These accessories are considered to be more modern, and classy. The Botticino Collection has the same pieces but it has a natural color and the design is more of a classic design. Th.e same goes for the Calacata and Onice Verde collections in terms of the natural color. Onice Verde has a natural green color however. The Emperador includes the same pieces with a brown color. Marble is great in brown, it looks very elegant and very modern. Travertino Classico collection includes the same pieces that have been mentioned with a classic design with a natural color. Verona combines the colors of natural and red. Twist Aztec collection is also a natural color with the same inclusions and is very classy. Travertine Rosso is a darker natural color with the same inclusions. The Verde Alpi collection is very intriguing because it has several colors in it: black, green, natural, and white. The Twist Moch Collection is colored as you might expect, brown with a twisting design in each accessory.

So, as you can see there is something to match almost every taste. There is a large variety to choose from.