Mattresses: Do They Have A Unique History?

by : rsbombard

From the birth of human race, man had to do two things. Work and sleep are the keys to human existence. Though all hardships were associated with work, man wanted to make the sleep most relaxing in full comfort.

In the ancient times this comfort was provided by grass, leaves, hays and fibers in their natural forms. So it was a pure and through and through nature's own mattress. Now in modern times, the making of mattress has changed with sophisticated and luxurious features but the primary purpose remains the same. No compromise with sleep is the significant motto till date.

Take a look at B.C.

Millenniums ago how did the human beings sleep? Sounding funny? Let's go back to sometime around 8000 B.C. This in History is better known as the Neolithic Age. The Early men used to lead a nomadic life. The concept of mattress as such was not there but the concept of comfortable rest was definitely prior. Thus they no more slept on ideal ground by spreading hays or leaves. They made beds and covered them with leaves, straws and grass and the whole thing was closely knitted inside any animal skin. This was the most primitive idea of mattress.

In the middle-east, there was a new style of bed setup. Around 3500 B.C., a special type of bed was innovatively made by the Persians. It was more a bed and mattress punched together. Popularly known as the waterbed, the Persians had used goatskin to make the cover or the outline and water was filled inside it. And in the scorching heat lying on this waterbed was heavens, exactly providing a feel of air conditioner.

The change was on. From leaves to animal skin and then to bird's feathers became the next innovation down the line. This was sometime around 200 B.C. in the Roman civilization where the rich section of the society got their mattresses made of soft feathers. So the support to the body during rest gradually changed to utmost comfort from the softest and most tender elements.

The rise of modern mattress

The concept of foam, latex and polyurethane material in mattress is hardly half a century old. The setting and arrangement of coils and padding is done at different layers thereby shaping the mattress with a luxurious look and a comfortable feel. From soft to firm, different types of mattresses are being manufactured to cater your needs. There are unending choices available at present. What to buy and what not is exclusively left at your discretion but all began from the nature's bed; the grass twigs and leaves.