Creating Your Own Balloon Centerpiece

by : pfmmg2

Balloons have always been associated with a fun, carefree, and festive time. What better why to show that your party is a time to celebrate than having a balloon centerpiece or two around the room? Before you hire a professional to have all the fun, check out some of these hints and tricks for making your very own balloon centerpiece.

Fun, Floating Flower

An easy way to create a great centerpiece that incorporates festive balloons and fragrant flowers is to use this method. Simply choose a balloon that is a favorite color, fill it 1/3 of the way with water, place a fresh flower inside, and place ribbon, netting, or even tulle around the balloon. Make sure the central balloon is stationary, and watch the flower and water ebb and flow whenever the people at the table get up to dance. It truly is a beautiful and festive centerpiece.

Holiday Centerpieces

Another great way to create centerpieces using balloons is to place a small battery powered candle inside the balloon. Make sure the wattage of the candle is extremely low, and the balloon is inflated just enough to allow for a gentle glow over the table. Add a garland of flowers and ribbons to suit your taste, and you've got a great conversation piece as well as a great centerpiece. If you want to take it a step further, give the balloon and flowers a light spray with a white or silver glitter spray for that frosted look. It's a simple idea that makes each centerpiece look like a work of art.

The Sky Is The Limit

If you want a spectacular look when creating your balloon centerpieces, you can't go wrong with this idea. Take some long ribbons, pre-cut, and attach one end of the ribbons to the center of the table, either through weights or tape. Take the other ends and attach them to some balloons filled with helium gas. As the balloons rise and twist into the air, they create a great sight and conversation piece for your next party.

As you can see, these are but a few of the choices you have to make some very festive centerpieces using a few simple balloons, pieces of ribbon, or the occasional ring of flowers.

Its amazing what a few ribbons, balloons and a little imagination can do! In no time, you'll come up with centerpieces that will be the talk of your party. Let your imagination run wild and you will come up with a truly unique centerpiece.