Use Ceramic Tiles To Enhance The Look Of Your Home

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Putting in ceramic tile is one of the many ways to improve the feel and overall look of your home. In addition to providing a fresh, clean look, they also come in a variety of colors and designs to compliment your home. While the kitchen is the most popular place to find ceramic tile, the bathroom is also a common area. Either way, the ceramic tile will provide color and sophistication.

Selecting The Right Ceramic Tiles For Your House

It is important that you look around and do some comparative shopping. You will want to do this because there are so many different colors, patterns, textures, materials and sizes available. You don't want to get the wrong tile for you room. Unlike carpet, if you don't get quite the right color, it will be costly and difficult to change your mind once installed. You want to make sure you strike the right balance for your room. The wrong tile could completely throw off the whole room and redecoration project.

Size is a very important factor in selecting tiles for your room. A lot will depend on the size of the room itself. Smaller spaces do better with smaller tile. Mosaics will do well in a more confined space such as bathroom, while larger rooms can handle a 12"x12" tile. Also, you can choose a theme to go with the decor, such as ducks or fish for your bathroom. Others may use flowers. Still others will stay with a solid color and may opt to add a couple of accent pieces.

The kitchen is also a great place to carry a theme. Apples or geese are generally used to convey a sense of home and tradition. You can use utensil designs and have accent pieces that would be forks, knifes, spoon, pots, pans and the like. Again, you may also choose to stay with a solid color and maybe put in a couple of accent pieces.

Ceramic Tiles Installation

After you have picked out and purchased your ceramic tiles, the next very important step is to make sure it gets installed properly. Doing otherwise will be a waste of money, time and effort. It will inherently lead to disappointment. When your tile arrives at the job-site, open every box. You are checking to make sure the tiles are flawless and undamaged.

Also, check the tile, box to box, for matching dye lots. Because ceramic tiles are done in lots and are dyed, you may get differing colors and patterns. Generally speaking, as long as the dye lots are only up to six numbers different, you should be fine. For example, if the first dye lot is AO-619, than AO-620 to AO-615 should be ok. But AO-746 may not be.

Also, make sure they are all the size you ordered.

After you have determined the tiles are suitable, the area you are installing will have to be prepped and leveled. This means you will need to have an under layer that is designed for tile. Do not use wood or gypsum board for this as they allow moisture to get in under the tile and the job will never be quite 'right'. This is a very common mistake.

After the floor has been leveled and prepped, you are ready to install. Pick out a corner and start laying down tile. Mark the areas to make sure you are putting them in the right place, this is especially important when adding accent pieces. Now you are ready to start placing the tiles.

Use spacers to ensure even spaces throughout the job. You don't want to have a ?" joint width on one tile only to have a ?" joint on another. If you are laying very small tiles or some boarders, they will come on webbing so you can just lay them, without worrying about the joint.

A tool that you are going to want with you on the job is a pair of snipers. This will be for when you are going under counters or other areas where you will not be using a full piece of tile.

Once the ceramic tiles are placed, you will need to wait for the mortar to set. Refer to the instructions on the bucket. This will usually take 12-18 hours. After the mortar has dried and the tiles are set, it is time to grout. If this is your fist tile job, make sure you get enough grout for the whole job. Again, gout comes in dye lots and you don't want to start with one shade of gray and end with another.

All you need to do is apply the grout according to the manufacturer's directions. Be very liberal with your application. You can always take off if there is too much, but it is very difficult to go back and add more. Be sure you wipe off any grout that gets on the tile while it is moist, before it has a chance to harden. Trying to remove dried grout may damage the ceramic tiles.

Where Can You Buy Ceramic Tiles

It is recommended that you take your time when you purchase your ceramic tiles. Make sure you are buying from a reliable source. Also, be sure to order all your materials at the start of the job. It is better to buy too much than not enough. Make sure there is a fair return policy just in case you have WAY too much for your job. Ask the store to direct you to the correct ceramic tile for your application. If you are putting tiles in the bathroom, maybe you want something with a non-skid finish.


When it comes to adding a clean style to your home, ceramic tile is one of the most cost effective options. With a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors and designs, there is something for everyone.