The Ipod And How To Connect It To Your Home Entertainment System

by : teahupoo

The iPod is a new and wonderful way to store and listen to music. Once you've stored your favorite songs, wouldn't it be nice to share your collection with others. What you need to do is connect your player to your home stereo. To listen to your portable music player in your living room, you need to connect it either to a pair of speakers or to your existing home entertainment system.

The first option for listening to your portable player in your living room is to connect it to an audio docking system. These are systems that include a built in amplifier and a pair of speakers, slide your player into the dock and it will play through the docking system's speakers. Most of these docking systems are designed specifically for Apple's iPod, in theory; they should work with any portable music player. You want to make sure that the connector on the bottom of your player fits into the matching connector in the docking station.

Connecting to Powered Speakers

The secret behind all those docking systems is they are really just powered speakers with connecting cables. And you can use any set of powered speakers in the same fashion. The speakers you connect to your personal computer are powered speakers, so call because they don't need an external amplifier. The amplifier is built into the speakers themselves, making them self powered. Just as you can connect any PC to any set of powered speakers, you can connect any portable music player to the same speakers. All you need is a cable. This is a quick way to play your portable music play through a set of larger speaker. Just connect any set of computer speaker to the headphone jack of your music player. Instead of pumping the signal through a set of headphones, your music now plays through the connected set of powered speaker. It's that simple.

Connecting with Normal Audio Cables

For many people, setting up a pair of computer speakers in their living room is a less than ideal solution. You'll get much better sound by playing your portable music player through your existing home audio or home theater system. In the instance, you don't connect your player directly to your home speakers because those speakers aren't powered. They get their power from your audio receiver or amplifier, so that's where you want to plug in your music player. All you have to do is run a cable from the headphone jack to your music player into a set of right and left audio inputs on the back of your receiver. Switch your receiver to the appropriate input, press play on your iPod, and you get terrific sound fed through your entire audio system.