Choosing A Mailbox In The United States

by : teahupoo

Most houses in the United States have a mailbox. Not every house has their mailbox in their own yard as some places only put mailboxes on one side of the street. Each house is responsible for providing their own mailbox so that they can receive their mail. When choosing your mailbox you have many choices available to you.

First thing you will need to know is if your mailbox will be fixed to your house or if it will be placed by the curb. You may have to check with your local post office to see if you even have a choice in the matter. You will also need to make sure that you place your mailbox in the correct location so that the mail carrier can find it and deliver your mail to you. For example if your mailbox if attached to your house you need to make sure you put it at the correct door if you have more than one. Some places have a group of two or three mailboxes in one yard so the postal carrier doesn't have to make as many stops.

After you know if you need a house mailbox or a curb mailbox you can begin shopping for the kind you need. You can choose how big or little of a mailbox you want or need. If you need a house mailbox you will need a flat and somewhat small mailbox. You probably don't want a huge bulky box on the front of your house. You also have a choice in what color you would like your mailbox to be. Some people choose to have their mailboxes the same color as their house, or at least compliment the color of their house, while to others it doesn't make any difference. Some people have their mailboxes painted like an animal. Some people choose a neutral color mailbox and decorate them for the different seasons. You can find different covers to put on them for different occasions and seasons.

Another option you have when purchasing a mailbox is what it is made out of. You can buy plastic mailboxes or metal mailboxes. You also need to choose an appropriate pole for your mailbox if it is a curb mailbox. Some mailboxes already come with a pole, while others need to be purchased separately. When choosing a pole you can have metal, plastic, or even wood. Some people have a pole made out of brick. Although its not really a pole so much as a stand. The brick makes up the pole and encases the mailbox itself. The mailbox just sits inside a little house made of brick. Pre made posts can be found in many different colors and styles to suit your needs.

The style of your mailbox will all depend on your personal preference. You can have a very plain mailbox, or you can have a very elegant or ornate mailbox. You may be surprised how many choices you have when it comes to choosing your mailbox. Make sure you look at a home improvement store to see all your options and find a mailbox that suits your needs and tastes.