The Convenience Of All In One Home Theater Systems

by : teahupoo

I don?t know about you but I hate shopping all over the place trying to put together a package of anything and my home theater system is the same way. Instead of shopping around and building a system from scratch that may not even communicate to each component properly why not do like I did and go with an all in one home theater system?

These systems are now all inclusive and take away the headache of trying to figure out everything that is needed for the home theater experience, it all comes in one package.

What makes a system a home theater is having a TV, receiver/amplifier, home theater speakers, and a device such as a DVD player to play movies. If you have more money you may even go all the way with customized lighting, seating, and even more sound but a good way to get started is with an all in one system.

Usually what is included in an complete package will be the speakers, receiver for surround sound, and a quality DVD player. Most all in ones will not have the TV as most people already have the television but there are some upgraded systems that will even include the television. You should have at least a 27? TV but I prefer to have at least a 50? for a true theater like experience. Once you have had a big screen TV you will never be able to go smaller again.

Another big reason to go with an all in one system is the savings. You can get some of these now as low a two hundred bucks which puts them in the reach of just about anyone. Now you don?t have to go down the street to your wealthy buddy?s house!

Another feature I like is that these systems are created so that anyone can easily put them together, even me. You don?t have to have an engineering degree to figure out the connections. Everything you will need is in one box and you can buy the system and be at home watching movies within a short time.

You will also be able to use a system like this in a small space so if you have a small living room this will fit the bill nicely. All in one home theater systems are very compact and take up very little space. If you want to be able to get a home theater system and have a limited budget this is a good way to get started.