How To Properly Arrange Lighting For Your Home Theater System

by : teahupoo

Lighting can make or break a mood. At a dance, you don't want all the lights to be on, and while studying, you don't want candles lit everywhere. This is why lighting is not something to be overlooked, especially when doing something like creating your own unique home theatre experience! There are a few different things to consider when deciding on lighting which will enhance your theatre experience to a whole new level.

For starters, you must take everything into consideration:

What do you want the overall look to be? Do you have a theme in mind? With some inspiration and a certified electrician, you are on your way to a truly wonderful environment.

If you love a personalized area, be sure to consider customizing your lights with personalized wall scones. You can use a plethora of different ideas for personalized scones, from your family name to an icon such as a four leaf clover.

For instance, if you want to have a ceiling of stars, consider experiencing the illuminating effects of the galaxy dome. Easy to put up, because it lacks wires (and therefore requires no electrician no help from an electrician), it could very well be worth your $2000 for a perfect, romantic feel, or even a drive-in theme. If you like the idea, but feel as though $2000 is a bit much, check out the $300 fiber optic kit, which covers 22 square feet, and features "stars".

Another way to achieve this galaxy effect is to use star tiles. Its technology creates a very realistic and non-distracting experience. You may link various tiles together to cover a wider area, if needed. They come in a variety of sizes (2'x2', 2'x4', 4'x4', 4'x8') to ensure compatibilities with all different types of ceilings. They are virtually maintenance free. These can be purchased anywhere from $48 to $300 each.

If, however, you're going for stars as in Hollywood, big-time feel, consider using wall sconces. Sconces come in various shapes, from squares to waves to mushrooms, so take into consideration which type of shape would best fit your theatre. Sconces are also nice because you can customize them by cutting out shapes such as fire themes. You can also customize ceramic scones because you can paint them to blend in or pop out against the walls. Sconces range from $150 to $300.

If you end up going with the Hollywood theme, there are lamps which retail at $395 and stand at 56" featuring classics such as the rebel, cowboy, rocker, and starlet.

Otherwise, consider a simple dome ceiling lights. You can match dome patterns with your wall scones. They are easy to install, as they fit over existing ceiling lights and can be customized with paint.
Remember there are many different options available to you. Once you settle on a theme, the world of home theatre lighting will open up to you and you will surely find a light which compliments your system beautifully.