Wicker Bedroom Furniture Trends

by : zupatips

There is a new generation of wicker furniture and its a far cry from that white painted chair that lives for grandmas garden parties. Wickers rebirth into contemporary home furnishings is just now starting to gain the popularity it deserves. Wicker furniture specifically has been getting the most attention.

Wicker furniture, in case you have forgotten, is made out of thin, flexible twigs, branches or reeds. The branches are woven among others in a pattern that is both strong and aesthetically appealing in the same sort of fashion as old, woven picnic baskets. While this natural looking furniture would seem to be more at home on a patio or porch, more and more pieces are being appropriately painted and upholstered in such a way that they are perfect for a master bedroom.

Wicker furniture is perfect for setting an intimate, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Many designer pieces are being painted in warm, natural colors like chocolate and cherry wood. Upholstery choices are endless when the base color is warm and on the neutral side. Simply choose something that matches your current decor and your bedroom furniture will fit in perfectly.

The clean lines and ornate but subtle weaves of wicker bedroom furniture make it a great pick. Indeed, choosing wicker for your bedroom will give the whole room a unique and appealing look. Wicker bedroom furniture is a great way to shake up the normal, conventional, dime-a-dozen look of your bedroom and catapult it into a designers dream space.

If you are interested in taking the next step and pricing some wicker bedroom furniture, you will be pleased to know that because of the growing demand and relatively inexpensive material, wicker bedroom furniture is actually quite cost-effective. As with all furniture, the design will cost more than anything else, so if you are looking to buy something endorsed or created by a well-known designer, be prepared to pay for it. A designer wicker loveseat that is attractively upholstered will cost you around $400 and about half of that for a matching chair.

You may have some reservations about buying wicker furniture because you are not sure how durable wicker is. While wicker can rot and mildew, these are problems only associated with outdoor use. Wicker bedroom furniture is as durable as anything else you have in your home, though it must be treated with a little more care than solid wood pieces.

While all wicker bedroom furniture has a protective coating and usually a coat or two of paint as well, its wise to keep it out of direct sunlight to protect it from drying out and becoming brittle. Pets, both dogs and cats, believe it or not, sometimes have an affinity for chewing on this type of furniture more than other type, presumably because its much easier to chew through than solid wood.

That being said, you would be wise to just keep an eye on things the first few days after you have brought a piece of wicker furniture home. Indeed, so long as you treat this beautiful type of furniture with common sense and care, it will enhance your bedrooms appearance for years to come.