Tips to Clean Grease in the Bathroom

by : rhusain

There is grease which caused by the hard water, which are stick to the bathroom or the toilet bowls that are not easy to remove. Get some tips on how to clean the grease.

NICKEL BATHROOM FIXTURES usually can be cleaned with hot water, plus soap or detergent. Rub them to a polish. If they still look gummy, use whiting or a fine cleaning powder, moistened with alcohol. Rinse and polish. If nickel is not cleaned often it darkens.

FILMY CHROMIUM that win not respond to soap or detergent can be cleaned with the greatest of ease with a little kerosene on a damp cloth. Or use dry baking soda on a dry soft cloth. Harsh cleaning powders and metal polishes should not be used on chromium. It is a soft metal, applied as thin plating, and it is easily scratched or worn away. While it is resistant to damage from most substances, it is damaged by salts; the only remedy for fixtures that have become green with corrosion is replacement or replanting.

TOILET BOWLS should be cleaned and disinfected at least once a week. Use a disinfectant recommended for this purpose, washing soda, or household bleach. After adding the disinfectant, let it remain in the bowl for a while, then swish the bowl clean with a toilet brush or a disposable johnny mop. Flush. Clean the outside of the bowl, die rim and the cover with hot suds or a mild scouring powder. Rinse and wipe dry to avoid streaks.

CAREFUL WASH FOR HARDWOOD FURNITURE is in order when it begins to look clouded and scummy in spite of conscientious dusting and polishing. You can choose between warm water with a mild white soap or unbuilt synthetic detergent, or a furniture wash that you can easily mix yourself. Applying liquid wax generously and wiping the surface promptly can remove old wax. Special cleaners are also made for furniture but sticky accumulations must be dissolved with water.

SOAP AND WATER, properly used, will not harm most finishes, but deluxe lacquered furniture, such as pianos, require special treatment For other finishes, squeeze a soft cloth out of light suds to make it as dry as possible. Wash a small area, rinse it with clear water, again using a well-squeezed cloth, and wipe dry. Move on to an adjacent part and continue until the piece has been completely cleaned. And renew your suds as they go flat A soft brush inside the cloth will help on carved wood. This work must be done carefully and quickly because water should not stay on the furniture more than a moment or two. When it has dried completely, buff it to a lustrous finish with your favorite polish.

How do I clean the hardwood furniture household without damaging the wood? These are some tips that you can use. Use the nickel bathroom fixtures using the hot water plus soap and detergent, while the grease on filmy chromium can be removed using kerosene on a damp cloth or dry baking soda. Toilet bowls should be cleaned at least once a week using washing soda or household bleach.