Choosing Video Components For Your Home Theater System

by : teahupoo

If you aren?t a technical oriented type of person, and I?m not, then trying to put together a home theater system can be confusing and aggravating or it could be as easy as plugging a few cords in. It all depends on the system and components you choose. No matter what kind of home theater system you have decided to go with a quality television is crucial to the overall experience. When shopping for televisions you now have choices like rear projection, plasma, and even LCD TVs with super thin screens the thickness of a large book. Let?s take a closer look at some of these options.

Most of us are used to the regular direct view type of TV with the cathode ray tubes which deliver an okay picture, but not the best. With the new advances in televisions available today that give a much clearer and better looking picture we need to look at upgrading. If we want to be able to experience a home theater the way it is meant then we need at least a rear projection TV. These are closely related to the regular direct view televisions since they also use a tube but instead of direct view the picture is reflected from a screen behind. The good thing about these types of big screens is that you can buy a huge one really cheap, the disadvantages include the fact that you can?t usually view them from angles and they sometimes aren?t as clear as they could be.

Plasma TVs are totally different all the way around. They offer incredible picture quality and unlike the rear projection TVs you can see the picture from virtually anywhere in the room but they are expensive so be prepared to pay big bucks if you want one.

Before you go shopping for your television you should consider your space because having a large TV and then having to sit right in front of it will not be an enjoyable experience for anyone. Get as large a screen as you can afford but still be practical. You also have to consider how you are going to get it home, if you buy a really large TV I recommend paying for the delivery service. It isn?t that much and if they screw it up you will get a new set, on the other hand if you are hard headed and decide to handle it yourself and you break the set, you are on your own!